• Yes he did

    I'm tired of hearing all these libtards complaining. He won fair and square. He is going to be a way better president then Obama ever was and way better then what Killary would of been. Sure, he said things that might of offended some people. But at least he had the balls to admit when he was wrong. Killary would lie repeatedly, and then when she was caught in one of her lies, she would lie again. So many people are "educated" by the media. You need to do the research and see what is really going on. The media is not always right.

  • Wow. So much bitching from Progs

    Remember when it everybody accused our side of saying it was all rigged and being insane? Now look at who's calling everything rigged. The people who thought they were guaranteed an oligarchy--err, I mean Clinton presidency. What a joke. You lost, We won. Deal with it. Accept the decision of the people.

  • Yes he did

    He played fair and square, and won in a landslide victory in a rigged system, millions of illegal immigrants voted repeatedly for Hillary, dead people voted for Hillary, and Democrats voted up to 83 times for Hillary, yet he beat her hands down, and Hillary herself even admitted that he won.

  • yes i agree

    Yes, Donald Trump will actually win the elections. According to his set goals, i believe he will achieve. In fact he is a strong leader and therefore he will bring a change in the United States. Trump's only weak point is sounding like a dictator, but i hope he maintains the democratic rule.

  • No, it doesn't seem like Donald Trump won honestly

    No, it doesn't seem like Donald Trump won honestly. On election night he suddenly came out way ahead when just hours before he only had one long-shot chance. The states he happened to win had many returns that came in late in key precincts for Hillary. And the voter turnout didn't even match.

  • I don't know

    I'm not really sure. So I can't say he did, I think there was interference from Comey and the FBI in this election, which I'd say wasn't fair, but I don't know that there was anything "rigged" in the voting process itself. The electoral college is a massive mess and needs an overhaul, but again, not sure if it's rigged.

  • I'm not sure honestly is the right word

    It is true that Donald Trump secured the electoral votes he needed to win the election, and I don't believe there was anything askew with the voting. However, I don't think honesty was much of something that Trump showed at all through his campaign, and therefore find it a poor choice of wording when discussing the results of the election.

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