Did Dr. Jack Kevorkian Ethically Serve the Best Interests of His Patients?

  • Yes, he served his patients ethically.

    Any person should have the right to decide if they want to die as long as they are mentally able to make that decision. People should not be forced to create medical expenses for their loved ones if they are in severe pain and are ready to leave the world. Dr. Kevorkian just served people who needed help.

  • Dr. Jack Kevorkian never murdered anyone.

    Dr. Jack Kevorkian only helped put people out of their misery. These people all wanted to die and asked Dr. Jack Kevorkian to help them end their lives as painlessly and peacefully as possible. Many of these people who wanted to die had terminal illnesses and had no hope of recovery. In my opinion he did them a great service.

  • No way he was a quack

    What a sad little man to dole out death, I wonder how many patients changed their minds at the very end. If people want to kill themselves they will, they don't need any help. Mankind has never needed any assistance in causing destruction and death towards themselves or others- so sad.

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