• Easter is a PAGAN holiday.

    I say Easter is a Pagan holiday, and not a Christian holiday, because. The Goddess Ishtar, pronounced Easter, is the Goddess of Fertility and the egg. Hence, Easter eggs. And the Pagans, went around and had festivities, with Easter bunnies, candy, Easter eggs, and all the stuff we know today about the fun stuff of Easter. The Christians, came about and basically stole the idea from the Pagans. Because even if you read The Bible, nothing in it states, Easter bunny, Easter egg, or even the exact day that 'Jesus' risen from his grave. So how would anybody know when to celebrate his Resurrection?

  • No, Easter did not come from Ishtar.

    Despite the fact I have little knowledge in how, when, or where Easter has come about I do not believe it came from Ishtar. I believe people have several different beliefs of why the celebrate Easter, and where its origin is from. However, Ishtar was a god, goddess, and I do not believe the holiday came from that.

  • No, Easter is a holiday tradition.

    There are several origins of Easter, with one being that the holiday originally came from the celebration of the goddess Ishtar, and became a pagan holiday afterwards. Christianity then took Easter to mean the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. To say that Easter came from Ishtar is to say that all holidays came from a certain god or goddess when in fact they are man made traditions.

  • No, Easter was created by man .

    Easter was invented by man, as all holidays are. Originally though, it is originally a Pagan holiday to celebrate the goddess, Ishtar, "Queen of the Heaven." In my opinion, Ishtar is a man-made goddess, and has never been proven to be real. Therefore, making the goddess a man-made belief and Easter a man-made holiday.

  • Easter is a Bone of contention

    Why would anyone believe the two have anything in common with each other when they very obviously do not. Anyone who looks up the deity and the holiday are going to find very big differences,all it takes is common sense and research,if you can't do that please be mislead like most of the populous in this day and age.

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