• Knowledge is power

    Yes and no. Knowledge is power, but sometime power is dangerous. He enable us to see further beyond what is right in front of eyes. He brightened the outlook of science and provided the ground work for others to learn more. On the other end, some of his discoveries lead to some of the world's deadliest and destructive weapons. We can't however blame a person that merely developed something and someone else uses for evil purposes such as nuclear weapons.

  • Progress in Science

    With Einstein's discovery, we are now able to unlock the secrets of the origin of our Universe. Science can be misused, just like anything else, if it is in the hands of wrong people. To classify someone as evil just because their invention was used for the wrong purposes is silly and illogical. But the theory of relativity did allow the invention of the modern Satellite system, which is a relativistic device. So, I think that Einstein did do a lot of good for society in terms of his theories and assertions. However, he didn't really do much justice as a man, having 6 girlfriends and all haha.

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