• Yes, Her send off was fitting for her story.

    Over the course of her run on the Vampire Dairies, the character had suffered through traumatic events such as losing many of her friends and loved ones and becoming a vampire. By having her leave the way she did, she got the chance to say goodbye and receive closure for herself.

  • Vampire Diaries gives Elena a beautiful goodbye

    When Nina Dobrev announced earlier this year that she would be leaving the Vampire Diaries, fans were worried about what would become of her character Elena. As the season came to a close, viewers tuned in to see how the writers would handle Elena's exit from the show. During last night's season finale, viewers got their answer as they watched Elena say her goodbyes to her loved ones before going into a 60-year coma because of a spell. Elena was an important part of Vampire Diaries and the send-off they gave her was well-deserved, she got to share one last moment with her friends not knowing when or if she'd ever see them again. The coma storyline around Elena's exit also leaves the door open in case Dobrev decides to return to the show or if the producers decide to recast the role.

  • The Vampire Diaries: Did Elena get a proper send-off?

    Last night, Vampire Diaries fans watched as Elena Gilbert was put into a magical coma when Kai linked her life to Bonnie’s. So as long as Bonnie is alive, Elena can’t be, which means that Elena went into a 60-plus year sleep in order to allow her best friend to attempt to find happiness.

  • Terrible send-off for Elena Gilbert

    I'm all for seeing her character over the years and reminiscing with the cast. But did they forget Elena and Stefan were in it for the love, and not to help Damon's future. And I doubt Stefan would be making a play for Caroline while Elena is laying there dying. The sleeping beauty story is ridiculous too. And how much more could they do to Alaric. Please someone let him win a lotto and get the hell out of that town.

  • She deserved more

    For a character who has been so popular and essentially the lead of the show since the beginning, to go out like this seems like a let down. The audience would have been able to accept a real heroic sacrifice - but for Bonnie, who many fans believe should have been killed off long ago, it just doesn't seem worth it.

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