• Yes, because per the "immortal declaration" all men (humans) are created equal.

    Yes, the "equal pay for equal work" laws ignited the feminist movement. Everyone is created equal and one goes further in his/her career depending on their skill set and education. If a woman is more qualified than a man, then she deserves to have the pay for that position. Equality brings a good spirit.

  • Yes, the "equal pay for equal work" laws did ignite the feminist movement

    The laws enacted to serve women's rights did in fact fuel the feminist movement. When women achieved equal pay, they longed to have everything equal, it is just a facet of human nature. Why stop at equal pay when so many more rights are left unnoticed? Everything unjust or biased towards men became fair game, and something to be toppled.

  • No It Didn't

    I do not believe the equal pay for equal work laws ignited the feminist movement. I think the move towards capitalism and a growth in marketing made women want more. I think this created and pushed the feminism movement forward. I think women wanted more because marketing told them they deserved more.

  • Equal Pay for Equal Work Not Related to Feminism

    The Equal Pay for Equal Work laws apply not only to women but to men as well. Broadly, the feminist movement may use the Equal Pay laws, but they are not exclusive. Many industries pay as little as they can for the services of employees - only to correct the imbalance when it becomes evident, such as after a promotion, when one person who has been in grade longer than another is making less money due to time or conditions of their hiring. This is gender neutral, and happens in all industries to both genders.

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