Did Eugene Robinson play a significant part in the Super Bowl that his team lost?

  • the Super Bowl

    I personally agree,After the 1997 season, Robinson joined the Atlanta Falcons in 1998, and after making a game-saving play in the NFC Championship game (breaking up an otherwise certain winning touchdown to Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss) made it back to the Super Bowl (the Falcons' first appearance ever) for the third year in a row, and again faced the Broncos.
    During the season, Robinson recorded 46 tackles, two fumble recoveries, four interceptions, and one touchdown return, earning his third career Pro Bowl selection.

  • He is a good player.

    Say what you will about Eugene Robinson's personal life, he is an excellent football player, but his problems played a significant part in the Super Bowl that his team lost. He missed a tackle and he gave up a reception. Obviously he didn't get much sleep from the activities of the night before. Perhaps his team could have won if he had followed his curfew.

  • Eugene Robinson is my favorite Falcons player of all time.

    No Eugene Robinson did not cost the Falcons the super bowl. The Falcons offense had 4 turnovers as the Broncos defense had a solid game. Eugene did not have one of his best days but only Tim Dwight and William White played well for Atlanta all 4 quarters. The Falcons would not have made the super bowl without Eugene Robinson. Number 41 made game saving plays in playoffs vs vikings and niners. During season he made game saving ints vs lions and pick 6 vs saints. Eugene even took a pay cut so he could return for atlanta the next season. Eugene Robinson should be a hall of famer and was the best defensive player falcons ever had. I think he should be falcons new defensive coordinator.

  • Eugene Robinson did not cause his team to lose the Super Bowl.

    Eugene Robinson did not play a significant part in the Super Bowl that the Packers lost. Football, like most other sports is a team game. While teams have leaders and playmakers no one person is responsible for a win or a loss. Teams must rally together as a whole and accept defeat as much as they accept victory.

  • Eugene Robinson played a small role.

    Blaming any one person on a full team for the failure of a team is a cop-out. Did he make a mistake that cost him and his team? Yes. Was he at his peak performance? Probably not. Did the entire game rest on his shoulders? Not if the rest of his team is worth their hefty paychecks. There were alternatives to having Robinson even play. He was not the only defender on the field during the long catch by the broncos. Also, the Broncos played a hell of a game anyhow. Its hard to point a finger at any one person for the defeat of an entire team.

  • No, Eugene Robinson did not play a significant part in his team losing the Super Bowl.

    I think that the reason Eugene Robinson's team lost the Super Bowl was because his team as a whole did not play well. To blame the loss on Eugene Robinson is ridiculous. Football is a team sport where every player needs to play better than all the other players in the other team.

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