Did evolution ever actually occur? If so why did it all of a sudden stop

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  • Yes, it has occurred and continues to occur.

    I really thought about posting some information. Possibly citing a few peer reviewed scholarly articles. Then I remembered that those who disagree with this theory (which is an explanation of facts from experimentation, NOT a hypothesis) will simply close their eyes, ears, minds and hearts.

    There is no amount of evidence you can provide to those who do not value evidence. No amount of reason you can present that will convince those who do not value logic. It is reasonable to have skepticism on subjects that have insufficient evidence, however this is not one of those subjects.

    If biology or science isn't important to you, and you value a literal interpretation of iron-age books (an interpretation that eliminates nuance and beauty in said books) more, just be honest and say that. Maybe you would say it in a nicer sounding way, but trying to misrepresent science to prove your belief is dishonest.

    I'll post one link, to a respected college that has an excellent site on evolutionary evidence.

  • Evolution never stopped.

    Evolution is a slow process. Millions of years to be precise on the scale. Humans have been around for 200,000 years. Just a split second in the Earths timescale. Evolution have some evidence. Here are some:
    The further down (therefore farther back in time) we go the more simple life appears
    We share traits with bats and whale suggesting that we shared a common ancestor
    We have organs we don't need, but were once useful
    We share DNA with primates

  • Evolution was, and always will be happening.

    Evolution did occur; we have transitional fossils as proof of this. Evolution also never stopped. It is a process that can take millions of years. Individuals don't evolve, populations do; it can take a long time for a population to evolve and see a significant difference or change in the way organisms act, or look.

  • It hasn't stopped

    It takes millions of years to have evolution occur and it happens very slowly. Haven't you noticed that we are taller and advanced than people is the say 1920s or even before? We constantly evolve or adapt to our environment. In 1920 the estimated average height for a man was 5'6 and now in 2015 its 5'9.5, it changes slowly but it happens..

  • Why Evolution Is True.

    "No one would think of writing a book today on the evidence for atoms, or for the Earth going round the Sun. So why, when evolution is being reconfirmed every day, and forms the backbone of modern biology, do we need a book entitled Why Evolution Is True?" "Because evolution is different. No other area of science has been the subject of such angst, such misunderstanding, or such deliberate misinformation. Evolution brings us face to face with who we are, and how intimately we are connected to every animal, plant, and bacterium, and to the millions of generations of living things that have gone before. Yet too often, the mention of evolution produces anxiety and confusion." Jerry Coyne outlines what evolution is and the claims it makes, and draws together the astonishing range of modern evidence supporting it. This book shows why evolution is not only a theory but a fact, a fact that we should embrace without fear

  • We are still evolving.

    The answer to the question of whether we're still evolving seems to come down to a matter of degree. And when you look at it that way, most scientists seem to be in basic agreement. That is, few would claim we're not evolving at all. The genetic evidence for natural selection—at least for mutations of single or at most a few genes that confer some benefit and thereby spread through a population over time—is just too strong, and it's getting stronger all the time.

    By the same token, few would say we're evolving enough to become, say, the bulbous-headed superhumans of sci-fi anytime soon. Or, for that matter, enough to differentiate into one or more new species of human. Even saying unequivocally whether any or all of us are getting smarter is impossible to say. As Pinker put it to me, "We're looking at a snapshot of ourselves, and we'd really have to run the movie for another few thousand years."

  • Evolution is still happening.

    Just because it is not visibly obvious in our eyes, doesn't mean it stopped. Evolution obviously is one of the factors of our survival, it is not limited to humans it is happening to other species and evolution doesn't really mean it has to be so obvious that we can easily spot it. The truth there are a lot of causes for evolution not limiting to mutation and natural selection, instead its mainly just 2 of the other criterion the infinitely large population, random mating and no migration. Each of these criterion have different causes take for example gene flow which is under no migration criterion. Gene flow happens when one moves out from one population, like humans do when they migrate to other countries. Imagine his allele transfer to another population and even breed with another person which have a different set of alleles and this will produce another set of allele that will be added to the population's allele frequency, thus in the future might affect the possible allele frequency that will be produced when they populate through breeding in the future. Like the diverse culture of U.S. that is a mix of different set of genes.

  • Yes evolution happened and is continually happening.

    Evolution is a fact. There is no pinnacle of evolution, everything evolves to best fit the environment in which it lives. We can observe evolution of any creature by comparing the genetics or skeletal remains of things now compared with things a few hundred or thousand years ago and find many differences. We cannot visually observe something evolving as it is so gradual any changes happening would go on unnoticed until we have something to compare it with. Many people have a great misunderstanding of what evolution is, what it means, and how it happens. Everything still evolves when a change in the environment calls for it, it is a very localised and gradual process.

  • Erawetaweyawawawawaw awywywywywywywywywy ayyyyyyyyyy

    Evolution hasn't stopped Why, oh why do people think this? Nothing has stopped evolving. We've observed species emerging several times now. Human teeth are shrinking, and our brains are shrinking too, and becoming more efficient, as the brain-growth arms race between individuals slows to a halt. Other animals change as the Earth warms. Evolution is real, and it's all around you, going on today.

  • Evolution takes a long time.

    Evolution takes a long time, millions of years and hundreds of generations to come into action, so it's not noticeable to us at all. But if you look at the big picture, it comes into focus really fast. We just usually can't see it because our puny life cycle is so short.

  • Evolution has stopped.

    I can't see it happening, and sufficient time is not available to recreated the process in a lab, so it does not fit the definition of an observable science. If I can't observe it happen, then I must conclude that it has stopped unless I can observe a means by which evolution is continuing to take place, despite a lack of observed change beyond basic speciation. I cannot observe any such means, and therefore conclude that evolution has stopped.

  • There is no proof of evolution

    There is no proof of evolution so why believe it? The only truth is that everything is just an imagination in the spirit of God. God is eternal and created everything, God created the human brain which can understand the existence of God. Any who denies it is just an egocentric being persuaded by Satan. Be smart and happy with the wisdom of God, be happy that once you go to heaven that will last for eternity. The only thing God wants from you is that you realize the truth because heaven is a place for perfect people. Any limited theory created by man is nothing but a silly idea. Love and Eternity will always be the key

  • If evolution is real then why did it stop happening.

    Like I said before if it was real then why is it not accruing any more. How do you think the earth produces plants, what by " mother nature" then that is a load of crap if mother earth is a thing then prove it to me. Explain to me how it works. Show me I would like to see.

  • It didn't stop

    Evolution is a process that takes millions of years to occur. Evolution is happening now, but for the most part, it is happening so slow that we haven't been around to see any of the changes that happens with evolution. You won't notice any evolution happening in the things around you because it takes so long.

  • Evolution hasn't stopped

    Why, oh why do people think this? Nothing has stopped evolving. We've observed species emerging several times now. Human teeth are shrinking, and our brains are shrinking too, and becoming more efficient, as the brain-growth arms race between individuals slows to a halt. Other animals change as the Earth warms. Evolution is real, and it's all around you, going on today.

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Pigzooka says2015-11-19T00:19:02.443
Both sides are pro-evolutionists, actually
Merband.field says2018-01-18T22:52:23.190
Idk where this is going, I'm new to this website. But by "evolition" I'm assuming you mean monkey-to-human. I don't think it ever occurred because (as implied by the title) it just stopped. It wouldn't have just stopped, and there would be a civilization of half-monkey-half-people somewhere who haven't finished evolving, because there's no way evolution would have taken millions of years to occur all in one time (if that makes sense). Also, "Evolution" that actually happens (like in the Galapagos islands for example) is more of adaptations, not one species turning into an entirely different species.
I hope I made sense and I hope this went to the right place.