• Face book has gone too far

    Why are y'all just talking about a study? Facebook has been over the line for years! As soon as you sign up, you loose all rights as a user.
    My posts have been altered, and even deleted. It's perfectly fine to bash Christ, but just try to bash Islam and their Allah! I'm also a conservative and have been attacked by trolls who admittedly work for our progressive government.
    I've also been audited by the IRS five times in the last 7 years. All because of my political and religious beliefs! At least they ended up paying me more than I got back originally! Still, they keep coming!

    It's to the point on this billionaires stolen site that all people use it for is posting their daily routines.
    Now the new TOS all users have to agree to..
    You read ALL of them and respond if you wish!
    ( The spellcheck here on this site didn't even recognize CHRIST as a word )

  • Yes, Facebook's Study Gone Too Far

    Manipulating FB posts to elicit a measured response is not only wrong but unethical. This type of behavior can not be tolerated, even under the guise of "science." The possible fallout from this behavior by FB is still undetected. No consent forms were signed. If this behavior is allowed to go unpunished it is opening the door for several other types of social media manipulations.

  • Manipulating your customers emotions for a study is way too far

    They altered the expected service to see how it would effect people's emotions. Facebook not only carried out a study without consent it played games with people's emotions. Someone needs to start a rival version of Facebook that promises not to do things like this and then everyone should ditch Facebook for that rival.

  • I believe it went to far.

    I believe that facebook took the study to far. It seems as though there may have been a little bit of intrusivness on there part. In my opinion there are other ways to do studies on people and get better results. I think many americans feel the same way that I do about this.

  • Yes, Facebook's study went too far.

    Yes, the Facebook study that manipulated it's users news feeds in order to determine it's affect on happiness was wrong. Facebook offers a service to people, and it's users expect the service to work uninterrupted, and as intended. By changing the posts that their users expected to see, Facebook was no longer working as it's users expect it to.

  • No, Facebook's study did not go to far.

    Facebook is a free service, and they can do anything they want with their users data. If people don't want their data used they should use a different service. This study can help Facebook better their services in the future to better meet their users needs. People have no right to complain about a service they don't pay for.

  • It was nothing new.

    Facebook didn't manipulate users' emotions. The most they did was cherry pick what posts to show, and facebook already does that and has been doing it for years. Facebook only shows the stuff their computer algorithms think you want to see. It was nothing new and was quite interesting. Also, know that studies exactly like this happen quite often in other places. Naturalistic observation and deceptive studies happen all the time, and people don't complain then.

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joning.78 says2014-07-07T04:24:13.190
I dont know it is too far or not. But the thing is, i got a lot mature in internet like facebook, games, google, news, etc than before. Because of that information exchange, i am more mature. To think. It is not that internet leads me to a way, but when i use internet information for study before action, it is more like i will think more careful. Before actions. Thus, i am not angry with facebook. It is just i recover many people have emotional sickness. Thus, we put in facebook, google, blogs, news.... We all should find a solution to healing. I found my way in Christ and medical. What about you?