• FEMA responded intelligently to Hurricane Katrina.

    FEMA responded intelligently to Hurricane Katrina. America is getting better at dealing with national disasters as they happen. FEMA was very quick to respond and try to help in anyway that they could and work hard and fast. I think that FEMA responded appropriately to Hurricane Katrina and tried to save lives.

  • FEMA Mishandled Katrina

    Without a doubt, FEMA mishandled the Hurricane Katrina response from the start. The agency failed to protect Americans from the aftermath of that storm, and thousands of Americans suffered because of that lackluster response. With that in mind, FEMA should have faced tougher penatlies for its failure to properly act.

  • Too many people were displaced.

    No, FEMA did not respond intelligently to Hurricane Katrina, because people were just left at the Superdome for days, and there was no kind of law enforcement or humanitarian conditions there. After that, people were displaced all over the country. They lingered without permanency for a long time. Some of them committed crimes in their new communities. FEMA could have done so much better with the situation.

  • FEMA was awful

    FEMA did not respond intelligently to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. There were so many people who were left on the top of their roofs starving and in need of rescue. There were a lot of dead people on the streets just floating in water. Not to mention the whole incident at the stadium. It was a disaster.

  • No, it did not

    While some of the reasons are open to debate (I completely reject the idea that it was a race-based response), no, FEMA handled Katrina about as poorly as they could have. It was an education in how to handle disaster response incorrectly, it was very slow, it was understaffed, it just in general did not appreciate the magnitude of what Katrina was and what it did.

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