Did "Friends" ever strike you as a racist type of show?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Friends lack of long term non-white characters isn't something you can ignore...

    Likewise, the all white producers were VERY aware to only pair the MALE leads with mixed race relationships (Ross with Julie and Charlie, Joey with Charlie).

    This is because they would be very wary of the 'danger' of pairing any of the female leads with a non-white male. In fact, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe barely even SPEAK to any man who isn't white in the entire series! Given how many guys each of them date throughout the show, this is clearly a deliberate, racist stance from the show's producers.

    It's unrealistic, and clearly something that didn't occur unintentionally.

    Thus Friends, while in many ways a great sit-com, was a racist show.

  • Only white cast

    They are all white I don't think a black cast member or of anyother ethnicity were playing in main parts not even for one small parts in one show- the cast never dated out of their race either I think you'll be lucky to any non white main cast members

  • Monica's hair was somewhat offensive

    When the gang goes to Barbados, Monica's hair gets frizzy due to the humidity. Monica was belittled for her "frizzy hair," which propted her to "fix it" by getting cornrows, for which she was also belittled. It's an all-too-familiar struggle to POC, not to mention the cultural appropriation (which I can mostly excuse because it was not a widely discussed issue at the time).

  • Entirely racist show

    " If there was a TV show in Japan with only Japanese people, would you find it racist?"

    No, because its an American show based in NYC, which isn't full of just one race, which is why it is RACIST.

    Racists are idiots who don't even know they are being racist - just like Mr 'what about Japanese TV' over here.

    The fact that they added minority characters is damning evidence of white guilt.

    No way to excuse it in the 90s when almost everything was about race.

    Lots of WP in denial here.

  • A monkey got a lead role. Duck and Chick got lead role.

    Why so affraid of a Black male character. Jokes were very good. But you might as well added the N word. All white together no N word jokes, come on. This was a redneck crew who could not make their own coffee.

    Do you really think Joey would not have Black friends. You all know when you watch the repeats. This is bad. It should have had a mixed cast. By doing this you created the all Black shows. Which also came across as racists. Mixed it up folks.

  • Ameican shows should be as diverse as America

    If shows only show one type of
    America, what is it saying? Manhattan is so diverse; there are over 144 different nationalities , and this is the 21 st century. If it were the 1600's where New York could boast of possibly 3 different ethnic groups, "Friends" would still fail to represent the city. But of course, a work of fiction is just that.

  • Cast of only white

    Minorities were never given major roles, first major black role was given 7 years after the start of the show and it only lasted for 3 episodes, a show cast in Manhattan never seemed to have not much interaction with minorities. Almost suggesting the idea that Manhattan is for the white middle class and higher only

  • Monica's hair is so gross, Right? !

    Forget the fact that there are barely any non-white characters, The episodes in Barbados where Monica's hair gets frizzy are just full on racist. She is compared to Diana Ross as if looking like her is a joke. Mike sees her and gags. Mike makes a joke that she doesn't look like a girl. Monica offers to put a bag over her head so that her husband can stomach having to look at her. Then the joke is that she gets cornrows instead. Chandler says with disgust that he can see her scalp. She is relentlessly teased for two episodes about how unattractive she is with black-type hair.

  • This show had some problematic undertones.

    This show is one of my favorite sitcoms of all time. There was three things that stood out to me that no one talks about. How there were only two women of color (Asian and black), In "The one after Joey and Rachel kiss" Monica has braids which is cultural appropriation. If you are confused about why white women can't wear braids go watch TroyceTv's video about it (it's on Facebook), And NOBODY talks about how Ross Geller the main character did blackface. In "The one with Ross's Tan " look at the history of blackface. We need to hold people accountable.

  • . . The one with all the racist jokes about Monica's hair

    I was watching repeats of Friends. They were on vacation and Monica's hair got frizzy from humidity. It started with referencing her as a Supreme to her offering to put a bag over her head to please Chandler because her frizzy hair that was compared to a Supreme was too unattractive.

  • It was the "norm" back then.

    I was a teenager during the 90's and grew up poor, So we didn't have cable TV. The shows that were available were very limited and two of them were the show s"Martin" and "Living Single" - both of those shows were directed towards black people and they had all black casts. The guest actors were always black too, If there was a non black person on then it was the Asian man delivering Chinese food or a extremely stereotyped and goofy / awkward white guy, Who would try to be "cool" and do "black" gestures or slangs [ie - the white guy is there to be laughed at]. Living single is all black women and black men, If there is a white person in the episode then it is one of those "teachable moment" shows about racism and you guessed it - that white person is the big racist and it's never the other way around.

    Friends is mostly white so it is in the same standard that was followed during the 90s. Friends however did have black cameos on at times, And it did include gay people. . . Which reminds me - the black show "Martin" made fun of trans-gendered people with the character ShenNayNay and never did accept them. Like white people, Gay people were also only there to be laughed at.

  • Not racist, Just realistic.

    New York City was about 76% white in 2000. There is normal diversity of the background characters in the Coffee Shop, In public, And on the street. People tend to mostly hang out with people of the same race, Hence the main characters are white (like the vast majority of New York). Other characters of other races do appear in the show, Such as Charlie (Ross’s girlfriend) as well as one of the other doctors Ross works with. There was no unnatural attempt to diversify the cast, But that doesn’t mean the show is racist.

  • Stop crying over everything

    No it wasn’t racist. There a many shows where the main characters are black! However no one cry’s over that, The thing about arguing with black people is like playing chess with a chicken, U can be winning but it’ll just knock over the pawns. The show was about a typical friend group.

  • The time it was set comes into account

    If you think about the conventions of a 90s sitcom and put it into reference with the tv show then we can clearly see that it may lack diversity and be a little bit racist but the writers will have never implicated for it to be racist. There is my pint

  • Is not racist

    If you think Friends is a racist show because lack of African Americans on the show, You might as well say the same thing about How I Met Your Mother or That 70s Show. It's not like a show about politics or SJWs. It's just a show about drama between six friends and learning about life. Sure it would've been cool if it were more diverse.

  • I don't think so

    So I'm black and this is one of my favorite shows. I don't believe this to be racist but just that people are hypersensitive. Most of the people commenting on the "yes this is racist" side are not black. I honestly don't think that someone who isn't black has a right to say what is or is not offensive towards black people. Yes there is a lack of diversity of the main cast but does that really matter. Like this show was made in the 90's and even though there were shows with diverse casts this one was not. Yes it is about privileged white people and that's okay honestly. People are acting like there cannot be more white people than other minorities in something or it's racist. Honestly sometimes black people don't even want to partake in things like this because they think it's lame or gay or unreasonable.
    Some of the things done on here probably were not considered racist back then. But now with so many more people being aware of things that could be potentially racist they find things from old shows that clearly were not meant to be racist and try to twist it around.
    I think if you are not black and until you have actually experienced someone being racist towards you then you have no right to say if something is racist or not. Because you do not know what racism is or how it actually feels like. It's not just a lack of diversity of a cast or taking about white issues, or even inappropriate jokes. It all depends on the person and their experiences and how they feel. So before someone that is not Black tries to say something about how the black people feel. Remember that you can speak for black people because you are not black and have no say on how the general black community feels. As I said it all depends on a person.

  • Get Over It

    Like all liberals, looking for racism where it doesn't exist is a favorite pastime for them. Friends was made for people at a certain point in their lives. Yes, the cast was mostly white. Take a look around people, the US is mostly white, So what? I watched the Cosby show. It was mostly black. I never considered it racist. Watched a lot of shows with actors of all skin colors. I was more interested in the content then the color. So let's not go looking for racism where it doesn't exist. Get over it.

  • Not a racist show

    Certainly not a racist show, i mean with some stupid examples u cant tell that its racist, in one episode ross finds a girl and is disappointed about the fact that her new date could be a racist, and referring of charlie as a hottie and ross dating chandler, the show can't be told a racist one

  • Big lack of diversity but not racist

    NYC as a whole was not portrayed well (most likely due to the show being shot in LA) but I would not consider it to be racist. The main cast was white but even in early season 2 Ross' girlfriend, Julie, was Asian and she was portrayed as kind, intelligent and I really enjoyed their relationship. That relationship lasted over multiple episodes. 20 years later, people are (thankfully) more aware of what would be consider offensive to others and certain jokes (aka Ross' tan) are bits that no TV show would do now in 2018 since it is too similar to black face. I remember laughing at the joke as a teenager (nearly 20 years ago) but finding the joke not funny in recent years. Was the joke meant to be racist? No. Is it an appropriate joke? No. Do I understand how it can be offensive to others? Yes. You can't label 10 years worth of comedy racist when the show as a whole was not.

  • Nope. Just Comedy.

    It is a comedy sitcom. There are very few characters of color on the show but that does not make it racist. It was created before there was an awareness of the concept of purposely diversifying entertainment (which is fine, albeit artistically limiting) There have been many fabulous shows that have all black casts. People write what they know. If the creators, being white, had written in more characters of color, I can guarantee that there would be people complaining that they were not written accurately, that they were somehow portrayed in a racist manner. It is a comedy. Just LAUGH. Maybe the creators just wrote characters they could identify with culturally? Or maybe they ARE racist; I don’t know because I don’t know them or how they treat people. But the show itself is not racist. I love a funny show and if I watch a show or a movie that has no white people in it or in which the white people are portrayed as stupid, shallow or in some way evil, I will still laugh. Because that is what comedy is for. I worry that at the rate we are going, we will no longer be able to HAVE comedy. Everyone is overly sensitive now. Treat everyone you meet with respect and confront actual hatred when you see it. That’s doing your part, not typing blog posts blasting one of the funniest shows to ever hit television.

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justavoice says2016-05-09T07:09:43.103
A few demonstrations of racism have been highlighted here, and I don't have the energy now to add on an extensive argument, but I will urge you guys to watch this one thing I most recently saw. Watch season 6 episode 10 "One with the Routine," and focus on the scene where Joey is dancing with Janine on stage for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. See what the producer tells Joey about Janine, the "dancing girl" Joey is paired up with, and her behavior and try seeing the implications of that. Racism isn't just how many minority characters or lack thereof the show presents, but the underlying tone of certain dialogue or interactions and relationships. I loved Friends, but I've come to see certain thought-provoking things that has made me realize some racism plagues the show.
snake2647 says2016-09-29T12:52:30.093
Joke of a show. If you like it, good for you but you obviously read fiction books only and do not like to think beyond your little world. It is as white as the republican party jumping out of an airplane during a blizzard.

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