• They really deserved it!

    They are wonderful people as individuals. They all deserved it equally. It was wonderful musical that had a great story plot and wonderful voice. I personally loved, despite the fact that their is controversy over whether it is a good musical or not.They are really good singers, dancers, and actors.

  • Tony Awards to Fun Home well deserved

    The musical broadway show Fun Home depicts hot topics of our time in an emotionally touching way. With talented actors in many shows across the country, Fun House won for best actor, Alex Sharp. Bringing a musical to life requires a brilliant Director, such as Marianne Elliot, and all the final touches added by talented designers. Fun Home was a popular success as it incorporated many of the best people working on Broadway.

  • I believe Fun Home did deserve 5 Tony awards.

    I have never seen this popular Broadway play or read the book. Truthfully, I have never hearddddd of it until now. However, based on what I read I do believe that it deserved to win five Tony awards because it is about the struggles of life. Everyone struggles, and everyone can relate. There was a lot of controversy about the original books contents and it was even banned from some store shelves. I feel that this made the book even more appealing to some.

  • No, there were better musicals which could of won.

    No, it is a very good musical but no where near deserving 5 awards. In my humble opinion broadway had many more and better musicals that could of won. Why give 5 awards to a single musical when you can share those awards with 4 other musical pieces of art.

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