Did George Bush defeat Al Gore in presidential election by cheating?

Asked by: juju7
  • Even if he didn't cheat in Florida, he was not elected by the will of the people

    In a confusing last minute turn events, a state run by the losing presidential candidate's brother is somehow miraculously won. Even still, GB is not the candidate most people want in office, but he still wins, because "people in smaller states are worth more than people in big states" under the messed up electoral college system. GB's presidential victory sounds more like something out of a political drama than real life.

  • Bush had a cousin in Fox News and a brother in Florida!

    Look it up. Bush gets a call from cousin John Ellis who ran election news for Fox. Ellis tells him "I think you've got it" (in a wink, nod fashion) despite the fact he hadn't won. Bush turns a blind eye and shortly after this conversation Fox calls Florida for Bush. 5 mins later, every major network follows.

    Not to mention the fact that Bush essentially just assumed he had already won the election, even though he knew it was far closer than he was telling the public. Gore conceded, but later called him back and said Florida was too close to call. Who is Governor of Florida? Jeb Bush.

    It was right on the verge until the very last second when it went to court and ended with the court saying they essentially didn't have enough time. To get all Texan, it was about as crooked as a barrel of fishhooks.

  • I'm leaning yes.

    Given Bush/Cheney's track record on lying (falsifying evidence of WMDs), I wouldn't put it past him. George Bush needed Florida to win the election, and his brother just happened to be the governor of Florida. That just seems shady, especially because his brother was originally going to be the one running for office.

  • Did You Know This?

    To defeat Al Gore, George Bush needed to carry Florida over, and vice versa. George Bush "won" Florida, but there was widespread controversy about the legitimacy of the votes, which pointed to Bush. Perhaps you support Bush, or maybe you support Al Gore.
    But you will change your mind when you hear this fact: the Governor of Florida then was GEORGE BUSH'S BROTHER!!
    Do you still think that Bush won a legit election?

  • Bush is bad

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  • Military vote killed

    The military vote was suppressed by a democrat controlled White House. Look it up. Florida has a large military population. Miami, Dade county where and are controlled by Democrats. Do you really think they would manufacture votes for Bush, over Gore? The reason it was close, was because they couldn't make enough phony votes for Gore. Bush would have won Florida by a close, but comfortable margin without large scale voter fraud by Dems. In fact, nationwide cases of voter fraud and vote packing are by Dems, slightly over 70 percent of the time. Look it up. Dems cheat at elections about 2 1/2 times as often as Repukes. Cases brought against them are successful at a higher percent then against Repukes. You can find that online too. No voter IDS, are for vote fraud for Dems, everybody knows it's true.

  • Not by cheating

    Even if there was funny business in Florida, the truth should have come out in the courts. Gore resigned, so Bush won due to this, regardless of any misdeeds.

    However, the question is, if there were shenanigans, who, if anyone, is at fault? I doubt it was George Bush, thus he should not be blamed. The RNC, maybe.

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