• He wasn't a good person.

    George Floyd had a violent criminal history. This man, Who some people think of as a saint, Was once charged with armed robbery. During a home invasion, He held a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach and threatened to murder her while she was crying. He was also arrested many times for drug-related crimes. We don't need people like George Floyd to be running on the streets freely. People shouldn't be protesting his death, They should be celebrating it.

  • His death cause by resisting a arrest. If he turns himself peacefully then he shouldn’t die.

    Police are enforcer of the law. He/she do what I must to stop the violent suspect. “ convenience store employee called 911 and told the police that Mr. Floyd had bought cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill” And think for your self, Why call a police? It because someone have to do it besides themselves to bring peace to the neighborhood. He was resisting a arrest and how do you Apprehend the suspect. Would it be different if they call U. S. Secret Service special agent because of counterfeit money.

  • He was black

    Gorge floyd was breaking the law and had a gun on every cop ready to shoot and fire on them and beats his kid and wife with whip and belt hates white people if you are white he hated you george floyd was an aggressive man evil and also hated mlk

  • No He Didn't

    There's never a reason to use lethal force on an unarmed, Hand-cuffed person. Kneeling on someone's throat for 9 minutes is definitely excessive. Whether he was a "good person" or "deserves it" is besides the point, And is an excuse that racist Trump supporters love to use all the time.

  • No one does

    There is never a reason to kill another human, Never.
    Some argue it was fine due to his criminal history but at worst he should have been to prison not killed. He was stopped because he had allegedly used a counterfeit $20 dollars which hardly seems like a violent crime which required hi to be stopped with lethal force
    others will argue that he died because he resisted arrest however there are other ways to subdue someone other than literally kneeling on their windpipe. The real problem is that non-one intended for him to die but due to callous and ignorant behaviour, Mr Floyd suffered nine minutes of cruel and unusual punishment before being killed.
    The protests that followed were not a celebration fo his life, They were a revolt against the racist climate which caused his death. If the cops had been called on a white man with a criminal background and he had resisted arrest I truly doubt he would be currently dead. The protests were not about Floyd as a person but as a symbol of racism within the American police force

  • Here is what he really deserved

    Nobody deserves to be killed by another human. Being killed by a sickness is one thing but by a person, That is different. George Floyd was a criminal. He broke the law and he deserved to be arrested. The only reason why he got choked in the first place is because he was abusing police custody. Yeah, The cops went overkill on him but if I was the police, I would have shot that guy with sleeping pills, Buckled him up in the car and sent him to jail where he could be trialed later on but then do the police carry sleeping pills? The only reason why police go after people is because they committed offense. They get harmed when they resist the police. So we resist the police because we don't want to confess our crimes so we run from them and then they try to do their jobs and we use it as an excuse to disarm them. Don't do that stuff idiots. Then people will just cause more damage and the Democrats are going to repair the damage by raising our taxes. Don't be idiots. BLM is full of good people that want equality and villains that want black supremacy. It's hard to seperate them or call them out so be careful.

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Man the picture is horrible. . .

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