• International War Criminal

    Why should I support this jerk! He's a dummy! He's an idiot! He's an illegitimate president. He crashed the economy, started two wars that have hardly been funded, and well, he is just stupid. No wonder why most of the world hated Bush and America, because of his ignorant self!

  • No, if for no other reason than he sounded, looked, and acted like a person with less intelligence.

    Lets puts aside policy for a moment, cause this question will generally be answered according to political philosophy. Instead, lets look at the question in the light of leadership of the United States. On several occasions Bush proved to anti-intellectual. He more than once proved to be inarticulate to the point of "creationizing" (sic) new words. He and his staff went so far as to say that their opponents were "over-educated." Politics aside, this is not an improvement.

  • The net result was no.

    George W. Bush did make some improvements to the US, as nearly every president did, but those improvements came at a high cost. His entirely unnecessary tax cuts turned a surplus into a deficit. He then started two wars that cost untold amounts more money, as well as the lives of many young Americans that didn't need to be sacrificed. It can be argued fairly conclusively that most of the current economic hardship that the US faces was caused by the policies of the Bush administration.

  • George W. Bush did not improve the U.S. in any positive way

    In every important measurable, George W. Bush made the U.S. a less influential and more hated country, and he did nothing to improve it. The most significant way he did this was his selection for VP. Bush hampered the poor and striving, the middle class, women, immigrants and minorities. His tenure as leader not only was the biggest cause of the devastating recession, it continues to haunt the country.
    His unnecessary, ruthless and mismanaged wars exposed his lack of global understanding, but more than that, they cost more than American influence and treasure, they undercut the value of America in Americans' eyes, and reduced the image of America across the world.
    The country was drowned under his presidency and it will take many years to right the ship of State, if it can even be done. Thankfully, true improvements in every area have since been undertaken.

  • George W. Bush - 8 Years Forward, 50 Years Back

    No, George W. Bush did not improve the U.S. during his presidency. He got the country into a war that has ended up being mostly unjustified. Now we are in major debt thanks to that, and we have lost many young troops for no reason. He also stands for the Republican party's descent into even further right-wing old-fashioned social stances, making women and minority groups of all kinds having to fight for things, like control over our own bodies, that are basic human rights.

  • No, I don't believe George W. Bush improved the U.S.

    No, George W. Bush didn't improve the United States while he was President. George Bush started the war with Iraq over the potential threat of "weapons of mass destruction" and after the war was over they never found any. That war cost the United States billions of dollars and put our country even deeper in debt.

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