• The reign of terror has ended...

    Consider the amount of manpower it took to bring the notorious criminal mastermind, known mostly by the alias "Giggles" to justice. Consider that Giggles is confirmed to have fled across state lines. Consider how many people were innocent, before Giggles corrupted them into a life of crime. Sometimes good people must use violence to end greater evil.

  • SWAT teams need more regulations; All Lawmaking Should Involve Situational Analysis Before Passing the Law

    There is too much leeway in the use of SWAT teams. They use them even against unarmed people when it isn't necessary, when simply sending a single cop or maybe two with a warrant to ask a few questions, see what's up, and then calmly make an arrest or even just ask people to come down to the station would have done. The law they were enforcing was supposed to be for protecting animals and they killed an innocent baby deer!
    There should be more regulations about under what set of circumstances SWAT teams are used and about their conduct, and more serious penalties for any straying from the rules including permanent removal from any job involving policing and a lengthy prison sentence.
    And Wisconsin needs to change their law so that it's legal to hold an unthreatening wild animal for a short period without a license if one has an honest intention to give the animal to people who do have a license in short order. Why was that not thought of when the law was passed? Anytime a law is passed a situational analysis to consider various possible impacts under various possible circumstances should be conducted to make sure the law is complete and all bases are covered.
    And it's absurd when the law is meant to protect animals to automatically euthanize the animal. The animal! ABSURD! I can understand having that as an option and having circumstances laid out but if it's possible to get the animal someplace appropriate for it without having it die that's what should be done. Lawmakers never think when they pass things!

  • What is wrong with our police...

    4 Sheriffs and 9 DNR agents raid a no-kill animal shelter to kill a baby deer named Giggles. Wisconsin has a law against possessing wildlife but was it necessary to kill it? The shelter workers told the agents that they were taking it to an approved wildlife facility the next day but they didn't care... Those evil, vicious, violent, dangerous, baby deer must die! I mean seriously.. Couldn't these nitwits have just let it go or taken the deer themselves? I hate all these "yes men" no conscience, no soul, no heart, no mind of their own cops.

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