• Though it seems peculiar, yes.

    God created men with free will. He would still be disappointed if the people he created would betray or defy him, though he still created them. Constantly, he creates people who are different, whether it would be from world views, physical features, etc. That is why there are people in the Bible who represented the skeptics, atheists, agnostics, etc.

  • He created everything

    God created all of us, but we are still free to make choices. We are all flawed, and one flaw in people is atheism (if you are an atheist, you probably don't see this as a flaw- but I am speaking from my own perspective as a Christian). Some people choose not to pursue a relationship with God. It is the job of those who believe in Him to help their fellow man to commit to this relationship, but not everyone succeeds.

  • Yes, God did create atheists.

    God created earth, he created man. He created man in his own image. It doesn't matter what your belief is, God still created man. An atheist is a man, he was came from somewhere. He was not just "put" on the world. God didn't create our feelings or thoughts, but yes, he did create atheists.

  • Atheists created atheists.

    Atheists do not believe in God. God could not have created an atheist since according to the atheist there is no God. The atheist believes that the world came into being by itself and will go on by itself. He believes he evolved from other life forms. God does not figure into the logic of atheism.

  • WHO is the creator?

    If the god is the creator,does he create humans to worship him.It doesn't make sense when we talk about the concept of 'god' or any religions.And if i ask who create the creator,it is endless.My personal opinion will be just take good things in life no matter you are in what religion or nation.What is unknown is the god and what is known is that we are humans,so give importance to human first then the 'god'.

  • He didn't create anyone

    In my opinion, no He didn't, because I don't believe he exists. How can he create atheists if he doesn't exist? If I was religious, I'd say Yes, as atheists are people, too. But I've been an atheist for years - therefore I don't think God created atheists or anything else.

  • God did not create athiests

    For us to accept that God created Atheists, we would have to accept that God created everything. This places a burden of proof on the religious believer which is continually not met. Yet on the other side, there are a number of reasons to believe that there is no god and that god did not create people/us/athiests.

  • This is a paradox.

    If there is a God, He created the universe and everyone and everything in it. However peoples belief systems and religious ideals are all manufactured based on what the church has told us. All religions have been convoluted and changed (No offense to the religious, this is just historical fact) Beliefs are human choice.

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