• Blowing Your Mind

    I believe that the one we call "God" is a superbeing. Just think about it. Anyway, here's how I believe God created the human race: God created the galaxies and universes with trillions of different possibilities and outcomes. Humans are the first "intelligent" life form that He created. God has not intervened with man-kind for quite some time. Why? My guess is that there are more intelligent beings out there, and He is getting them started, like He did us. Yeah... Think about that one dude.

  • Enough Reason to Believe

    I don't think any Christian can say 100% that God exists based on any "evidence" that non-believers require. At the same time, a non-believe can't 100% say that it is not possible for a creator to exist. How can you know for sure? How are you able to know what occurred billions of years ago but not be able to know if there is life on other planets? I don't see how anyone can say there isn't a possibility of God based on any real logic. I say that because the same logic you use to argue against the God that doesn't exist, you refuse to apply that across the board. For example, if someone says an all loving God couldn't exist because of something like Old Testament "ethics", I can't buy that. How can anyone stand behind a President, King, Lawyer, Judge, Police, General, or any other human who sits on a seat of authority and has the power to give a command and take a life, lock someone up for life, or alter someones life in any manner, all in the name of "justice" but discredit the existence of God because He would give an order to kill or whatever? When the war in Iraq was going on, I saw interviews of soldiers saying how they had to shoot approaching kids who wouldn't stop at security checkpoints and had explosives strapped to them and how it messed them up. So how is it that it's OK for a soldier under the command of a President or General to kill someone all in the name of "defense" and "justice" and "liberty", but it's unethical for an all loving God to do something similar? Plus, if you don't believe in God, you don't believe in eternity. If you don't believe in eternity, explain to me why we as humans get so sad when someone dies. Why are we moved by death? Why are we constantly trying to figure out ways to live longer? Why are we so bothered by the reality that we will die one day? I think it's because deep down in your soul, you know that we were suppose to live forever at some point in time. Otherwise, we wouldn't be constantly talking about life and death. See, I believe in God not because someone made me go to church. I believe in God because I had all these questions like this and nothing has come close to giving a reason for all of these things like the Bible. Also, can anyone offer me something better? Money, freedom, education, a better job, family, etc.? All of these things we pursue are temporary and often bring more pain than joy. Bottom line, it is not wise for someone to say 100% that they know this or that about God. It is also very unwise for anyone to say they know 100% that God doesn't because that would mean you are all knowing from the beginning to the end and according to your claim of there being no God, that my friend would make you by definition...God...No hate here, just reasonable statements and questions. I only wish to express my opinions, not my claim of facts...

  • Yes

    The most used question and a never ending argument from men since the beginning of our time. People think that humans back years ago were gullible or not educated enough on the topic but there were just as much of people that did not believe in God back then and today. Things don't just happen on our own and not believing in a supernatural intelligence force is actually contradictable as the same people who argue about God's existence.

  • No Acceptance of the God Theory Here

    Because there are so many types of religions, there are also many opinions of who exactly God is. Each religion believes in their definition of God and given that; who, where, and how are we to pray to a God we know nothing about. I cannot buy into the idea of human eating whales, two animals of every species riding along calmly in an arc, so it would be very difficult for me to believe in the writings of God. Since I would never have the time to read and fully understand each religion, I cannot make an educated guess regarding which religion is right. I need more understanding and concrete facts, and that my friend is called evolution.

  • No. We're Not Special, We Are Complex Biological Machines

    I understand that some people have faith in God, and I respect that. But to me, faith always seemed like a nice way to say belief without evidence. Humans are remarkable. Conscious thought, love, debate, study, all of these things are uniquely human experiences. And it makes sense that we would see these unique characteristics and think that we must be special, or even that this world was created for us with a purpose. But the trend throughout history has been, the more we learn about the world, the less significant we feel. We now recognize that the earth is not the center of the universe, and someday we will realize that mankind is not the center of the universe.

  • If there IS no God, how could he have created mankind?

    I proudly declare that I am an atheist. Now, this is because I have been strongly influenced by a certain part of a book that I recently read, called, "The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists" written by Robert Tressell. I shall proceed to quote a few lines from the said book, which, I hope, will be enough to open the eyes of the people who believe in God.

    As he hurried along, he presently noticed a small dark object on the doorstep of an untenanted house. He stopped to examine it more closely and perceived that it was a small black kitten. The tiny creature came towards him and began walking about his feet, looking into his face and crying piteously. He stooped down and stroked it, shuddering as his hands came in contact with its emaciated body. Its fur was saturated with rain and every joint of its backbone was distinctly perceptible to the touch.

  • I do believe he created the mass before the Big Bang.

    But directly creating us? Noo...... I believe that he created the big bang, watched us evolve into, uhh, bacteria, then those plant things, then fish, then bug things, tetrapods, crawl onto land, lizard, dino, mammal, Lucy, handy man, etc. Then at one point, he gave us religion, where he would let himself affect the world if we prayed.

  • Nope

    There is an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to simply LISTING the scientific groups/communities/organizations explicitly rejecting Intelligent Design/Creationism. Many people try to argue the existence of God by, oddly enough, talking about completely irrelevant topics, as TheRightQuestions. How are we able to know what happened billions of years ago? Science. Ignorance is never evidence. The "first cause" argument begs the question, what made God? Saying he, for whatever reason, does not need a creator is both a cop out and a fallacy of special pleading. Appealing to the Bible is as convincing as appealing to any other ancient religious text (written by people who didn't know about germs, let alone the origins of the universe). There is a laundry list of such fallacious arguments that would be tedious to go through here. The main pitfall is that you have no way to test or demonstrate whether God made the universe, so we end up with the simple burden of proof and null hypothesis essentially tossing out the question before it can even get started.

  • There's No Evidence

    Despite what many religious people claim, there is no real scientific evidence that would lead us to believe that there is any sort of god or that a god created mankind. The best evidence out there shows us that humans are the result of millions of years of evolution. We cannot accept the creationist view without evidence.

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