Did God create the universe (yes) or did it occur naturally (no)?

  • I believe he did, mostly just because you can always rely on Scientists to change their explanation if wait a few years.

    In science it is not possible to prove with absolute certainty that a given explanation is complete and final. Some of the explanations advanced by scientists turn out to be incorrect when they are tested by further observations or experiments. New instruments may make observations possible that reveal the inadequacy of an existing explanation. New ideas can lead to explanations that reveal the incompleteness or deficiencies of previous explanations. Many scientific ideas that once were accepted are now known to be inaccurate or to apply only within a limited domain. -The National Academic Press-

    Scientific Fact: In science, an observation that has been repeatedly confirmed and for all practical purposes is accepted as “true.” Truth in science, however, is never final and what is accepted as a fact today may be modified or even discarded tomorrow. -National Center for Science Education-

    With the above statements in mind, the Christian faith hasn't changed since the Bible's existence. To specify, Christianity is not a broad, generalized religion as some might accuse it of being. Catholics aren't Christians...They're Catholics. I'll stray from differentiating them further. The Judeo-Christian Bible is as it has always been since it was collected from scrolls and translated. The creation of the universe is described and explained (Regardless of the depth) in Genesis and has not been modified or changed, whereas the application of Science concerning an explanation of the creation of the Universe has only one constant...That it is always changing. It stands to logical reason that for such a strong and solidified explanation of the origins of the Universe, it sure does change frequently. How much of your body weight would you rest upon something that currently appears to be sturdy, if you knew that historically it has no permanent physical state? How much conviction can you muster for a belief that cannot be consistently relied upon due to the fact that its very nature is that it changes depending on how many people test it?

    So you may continue to adjust your faith every so often when someone new comes along and proposes that your faith is wrong based on scientific theory that cannot ever be final by definition. As for me, I'll stick with the faith that doesn't shift from under my feet every decade.

  • How could it naturally occur?

    It's not possible to look to natural explanations for the universe because the universe began from nothing. That only happens when one become dishonest or unreasonable in defining "nothing." If the universe began from nothing, there cannot be a natural explanation for the universe. That would be implying that nature is eternal.

  • Romans 1:20 His invisible qualities are clearly seen. . . . Percieved by the things made. . .

    We don't need a microscope to appreciate the intelligent design behind even the simplest creation, do we? Are we really saying that all these complex life forms came about "by accident" and billions of years of random evolution? The very idea shown incredible naivity! Every creature has been carefully - even lovingly designed "fit for purpose". Why do we take pleasure from multiple taste experiences, when one would suffice? We see in glorious colour, when shades of black & white would do. We think, reason, love, cry - when instinct would have served us just as well as it has the animals? Are we so "up ourselves" that we cannot clearly see our invisible God, the same way as we perceive the wind or clean water. Creation took 7 of God's days - not ours. We arrived on the last "day" before He took a well earned rest!

  • The Big Bang demands a supernatural creator.

    The big bang theory, a theory heavily evidenced by the universe's observable rate of expansion, leaves room for no origin to the universe except that of a causal agent who operates beyond the limits of space, time, and thermodynamics.

    Everything that begins to exist has a cause. For years, atheists assumed that the universe was infinite, since if the universe was in fact finite, a cause for its beginning would need to be explained. Now however, the astronomical evidence overwhelmingly insists upon the universe having a specific beginning point in both time and space. This point is popularly referred to as "the Big Bang."

    The problem that the big bang poses lies in it's origin. There simply is no naturalistic explanation for the big bang. To say that ,"In the beginning there was nothing... Then one day the nothing blew up," is as laughable an argument as has ever existed. For the universe to spontaneously pop out of absolute nothingness, is a violation of the scientific laws that naturalism is supposedly subject to.

    One possible explanation is that matter and energy are in fact infinite. However, there is then the question of how matter and energy were put into motion to eventually collect at a central point and produce the big bang. There is also the problem of inanimate matter eventually producing intelligence through random chance. Most importantly, there is no evidence to support this theory. We can observe the origin of the universe at the big bang, we cannot observe anything beyond that point.

    Another theory is that our universe is the result of a technically advance alien species. The problem with this theory is that it only manages to push back the problem of origins. If the universe came from aliens, where did the aliens came from?

    Since everything that begins to exist has a cause, and the evidence suggests that the universe has a beginning, it therefore stands to reason that the universe has a cause. In order to avoid contradicting the laws of science, this cause must be transcendent of space, time. It must be infinite, without a beginning or cause of its own, and it must be intelligent.

    The cause for the Big Bang must be God.

  • He created the universe

    The actual creation of this world was a miracle not explained by natural phenomenon. God offers us in the Bible an self-evident explanation of how He created the universe. On the other hand, the act of creation cannot be adequately explained through natural phenomenon. See Scripture Commentary: John 1:3 advices us that God created all things. A Supernatural Act Occurred When God Created The Universe. Most of us will agree that the creation of the universe was not a natural event, but a supernatural act of creation. Only a supernatural force such as God could have been behind the supernatural act of creation. See Scripture Commentary: Hebrews 11:3 explains how God supernaturally created the Universe. God Is The Origin Of Life and Of Our Own Soul. Life and our own soul were not created by natural phenomenon. Matter did not create matter. Dust did not create dust. The creation of life was a supernatural act that is only adequately explained in the Bible. God's breath is the source of all life. Without God's breath of life we are but "dust of the ground - See more at:

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  • Did God create the world

    In science it is not possible to prove with absolute certainty that a given explanation is complete and final. Some of the explanations advanced by scientists turn out to be incorrect when they are tested by further observations or experiments. New instruments may make observations possible that reveal the inadequacy of an existing explanation. New ideas can lead to explanations that reveal the incompleteness or deficiencies of previous explanations. Many scientific ideas that once were accepted are now known to be inaccurate or to apply only within a limited domain.

  • God is real

    He created everything and the bible tells use so if you think anything else you are totally wrong and living to yourselves and need to face facts and know that God created everything once again if you don't believe me look at the bible or your just an idiot.Team God

  • He did create the universe.

    There is no way that you can prove that God doesn't exist. Just look around you, you don't need science to prove something it's all in the bible and it's all around us. The earth is a perfect size it's not too big and it's not too small. The human brain is so intelligent. There is no way that things that perfect and beautiful could have just popped up out of nowhere. If you tell someone they just popped up out of nowhere, you are just tell hem they have no purpose in life. We all experience God different ways and at different times.

  • Could it have all been an accident?

    If you somehow believe that it was a accident creating the world you need to open your eyes and see that everything is to perfect. Imagine splashing paint on a canvass and just expecting it to end up being the Exact way you imagined it to be it would not simply happen and would you personally not prefer the thought of their being a heaven where you can spend eternity in? The real question is not is God real but why do you choose to not believe in him?

  • He created me for a purpose

    I was born 2 months premature. I was born breach birth. I was told that I would not be able to play sports. I ended up playing high school and college basketball. I was determined to believe that God would take me through this. I continue to believe. I believe that each day that we live is because of a higher being. There are so many elements that could cause us to die in an instance. We must have faith in something to keep pressing forward.

  • It Occured Naturally

    If a God created our Universe, I believe the only place in science there is room for God, is at the time of the Big Bang or prior to the Big Bang. Therefore, I believe the Universe we live in now has occured naturally. We can not know for sure if the cause of our Universe wasn't somehow manipulated by God though.

  • The universe was created naturally.

    The universe was created naturally. Religious or not, I believe that it took a lot of things to come together at the same time for the universe to come together. Some people believe it was magically created by God and others believe that it was a big bang theory that created it.

  • God isn't real

    The universe was created, not by god, but by the big bang. There has been no evidence of god and there probably never will be. I went to a convention recentky where the religous lecturer attepmted to prove god existed by making him appear. Mind you, it was a huge audience, something in the hundreds. Of course, god didn't show up and the talker was very embarrased

  • God is only an option for creation.

    When it comes to the question whether God created the universe, people tend to forget or dismiss any other possible cause for the universe. Some of, which we can't even comprehend yet.

    There arises some problems if indeed God created the universe. One of which is Kalam's Cosmological Argument, which only applies to matter within our universe; Everything that has a beginning of existence has a cause of its existence, and thus, if the universe had a beginning, it was also caused. But we know nothing about the physical properties of a "none universe" where cause and effect might operate completely different from our perspective within the universe. To attribute creation to God is partly wishful thinking and partly filling in gaps in our knowledge.

    Although science has no 100% proof of how it could naturally occur, scientists at least has the humility to admit lack of knowledge and respect the fact that we simply don't know yet. In a way, ignorance is their motivation for research. Any one can say that anything created everything without the full knowledge of the actual event.

    No scientific claim, no matter how flawed or inaccurate it might be, has been replaced by a better answer from religion.

  • A Complex Deity is the Cause for a Complex Universe?

    For what reason is there to assert that a complex creator was the reason for the expansion of the universe?

    Let's take the current understandings of science as an explanation. The total net energy of the universe when added up equals exactly zero, which mean's it takes no energy to cause the expansion of the universe. In science, nothing doesn't exist, the scientific version of nothing is a singularity of no space, time, energy, matter or radiation. In science we've observed that "Nothing" is unstable.

    Take a second thought, with all this in mind, should a highly complex deity be the cause for a universe which seem's far more explainable if it were a natural cause?

  • There's no place for a God in the Universe, prior to nor after the Initial Event that formed our particular Universe.

    In The Infinite Non-Beginning There Was Matter & Energy, In The Infinite Non-End There Will Still Be Matter and Energy. Energy and Matter always existed, it only shifted in form.
    The Matter when our Universe ends, may not take the forms that we are familiar with, it may all be compressed into Black Holes, but, you can be assured that in maybe a few trillion years, the Black Holes that were the end of our Universe, may meet other Black Holes from other universes and in the collision, produce another Universe, similar to our own, maybe bigger, maybe smaller.

  • God did not create the universe.

    Science has explained more things than Christianity has in all of its years being a religion. The bible an outdated book has been the sores of all our beliefs and thoughts for many years, but as we come to contemporary times, science has explained how these could have been mistaken or could not have happened at all. The universe is still one of the things that we don't know much about, yet we can prove some things as proving how the earth was made. Most theories on how the earth was made are very plausible, however the idea that there is an all-powerful being out there that watch over us is outrageous. In a few years of time we have explain gaped most the bible wrong and biased as it was rewritten over the years, so in a few more decades, give or take, we will find out how the universe was in fact made. I believe in the idea of free will and even if God is true, I don't want to believe it, I want to believe that I am the controller of my life, and no one can stop that.
    God did not create the universe.

  • Plot twist: aliens

    1. It can be assumed that once a species becomes technologically advanced enough, it will attempt to create a simulation of the universe (or at least a part of it).
    2. In said realistic simulation, a species could develop to that same technological level
    3. Since each universe, produces more nested simulated universes, then it can be assumed that we are most likely living inside a simulation.

  • God did not create the universe

    We are focussing on whether or not God did create the universe or not. However, how do we know that God even exists? If God created the world, then who created God? Or, was God created by myths and stories that man made? Was the theory also created by man and is just a myth? If God was created by man, then God could not made the universe.

  • Science explains it

    I dont believe he created the universe. I believe in the scientific theories, I disagree to this topic. God is the fear of the people, which denies them from doing wrong things. Universe was created by itself, and its ever expanding. If God is there, then why has not he shown himself for so many years, and if he is there then he did not create the universe!

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