• A Beginning Demands A Beginner

    An argument that I like that argues for a god is the fact that the universe began. All things came into being through a cause. Humans did not create themselves, we evolved over time because of the conditions of our world. Our world was created because of the chaos of the universe. We know that the universe had a beginning, The Big Bang. Just as humans didn't create themselves, the universe couldn't create itself. An entity had to have created the Universe one way or another. After the assurance that a God exists, arguments split. I am Christian, but I have no better an argument than other religions other than justification through faith, and the things I have experienced.

  • I believe a supernatural being created the World.

    Simply put, the Scientific explanation for the origin of the World requires faith (Belief without proof) and so does the Creationist explanation. One side explains (While you cannot observe and therefor cannot apply the scientific method) that the origin of the World is best explained with the Big Bang Theory and requires faith in incredible and unbelievable odds that are so great, the everyday Human isn't capable of understanding them. The other side explains that it's simply a supernatural being that set everything in motion and fulfilled the creator role. The choice is each person's to make, but while Creationists don't claim to be able to prove anything (Because it's faith), the Scientific community as a whole would have people believe that they can provide evidence in lieu of proof and that it somehow eliminates the need for faith in Science's explanation for the origin of the World.

  • We're here aren't we

    Most scientists cannot Deny the fact that the universe had a beginning. The big bang just moves the problem back a bit, where does the matter condensed into nothing come from? The answer you would get is, we don't know, but it happened because we say so. The universe cannot be infinite because infinite things do not change, so since the universe had a beginning who began it? Well it would have to be an infinite being and since this being is infinite, all of his attributes would be as well. We know that this God would be loving because if this God were hateful then love would not exist. So then the reason why bad things happen is he gives us a choice, because love is not programmable.He is also infinitely powerful, and just. As we should know because of morality which we cannot have without God. In short I know that God created the world. Because as a loving God he would want to tell us about himself, as he did when the Bible was written by men he inspired.

  • Creation Itself Suggests This.

    To assert that the universe began without a God is to contend that the universe is solely explainable in terms of mechanisms. Mechanisms, like any device, require a creator; that is to say, an agent. The sophistication with which our universe has inherent to it suggests an intelligent mind behind it (such as in the genetic code), as oppose to the randomness it was astronomically more likely to have become. Gravitation, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces are all calibrated in context to one another so as to make life possible, not to mention the hundreds of other variables necessary that modern physics has identified. An infinite past universe is a poor explanatory substitute, in that the big bang suggests otherwise, and that subtraction of infinities reveals overt contradictions: For example, infinity minus all odd numbers would still leave you with infinity, but infinity minus every number but integers one through three would give you an answer of three. Finally, infinity minus infinity can equal zero, too. Infinite pasts and mechanistic substitutes are hence false, leaving God as the only available alternative. This is not God of the gaps but inference to the best explanation. Simulation hypothesis would inevitably run into similar difficulties in their own universes.

  • No he didn't

    The world has always existed in some form or other forever before now. The multiverse is eternal the universe is eternal. The universe has always been, the world has always been. Everyone in the universe has always been a part of the universe and can become a part of new life once they die with reincarnation without any of their memories.

  • God is real because we say so.

    The only reason that we have god is because we need something to reassure us that there is a reason to live. It is a pure figment of our imagination, and if it is so easy for you to believe that a being created it all, then why is it so hard for you to understand that we don't know? We don't know how the big bang happened, and in our lifetime we might not understand why it happened, but not knowing that doesn't give us an excuse for making up god. That is why there is a god, people who were not as intelligent as us today looking for a reason to live. And by the way, MyrrdinEmris(and anyone who agrees with him) , the universe isn't infinite. What it is is constantly expanding, but it is not infinite. I don't understand how god has been proved morally and scientifically wrong in so many ways, and people still believe in him.

  • No, Earth was not formed by God.

    Being an atheist, I disagree with the idea that God created Earth. Earth was formed in the same way the Sun and the other planets were formed; there's a huge body of evidence supporting the latter. Besides, what evidence is there that God created the Earth? More importantly though, does God even exist? I feel that the idea of God even existing is nonsense and illogical; I also find it ludicrous that people in the 21st century are still trying to disprove solid science.

  • Nope and nope

    It seems highly unlikely that an omnipotent being decided to create the world, and then make sure it has heaps of imperfections. Out of all of the religions there are, you think yours is correct? I think the best thing we can do, is grow up and accept that there is no God.

  • Which god, yours?

    No god did not create the world, solar system, galaxy, universe, multiverse, continuum or anything else that's rolling about the void. God is a metaphor for ignorance. You don't know the answer just stick god in there and its all good.
    Stop that right now its dishonest and damn creepy. Those religious amongst us will insist they know the truth, and offer nothing but the feeling that there is something more. Its ridiculous that in the 21st century 'something more' is a good reason to dismiss the accumulation of knowledge provided by the scientific method. Shame on them and the stone age ideas they hold tight to.

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