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  • I don't think so

    I think God created us to live and take risks, not live to be pampered. For example, would you rather go skydiving or sit on your couch all day? That's what i thought. You would rather go skydiving to do something exciting, and after laying on a couch for almost 72 hours, it's not fun.

  • It's not like we can ask God for a true answer

    I don't think so, and I speak my own opinion, not God's, for I do not know the true answer to this. Looking at nature though and wildlife in general, it is a harsh world. Survival of the fittest. Adapt or die. Even our ancestors had to hunt to survive, nothing was handed on a silver platter to them. You already have the answer to the question.

    Posted by: GKY
  • God didn't create anything

    Of course God didn't create us to be pampered after all the god hypothesis is not proven. Additionally, if we accept god..... What god are you talking about? Some gods require people to work hard (not be pampered) and some will pamper. So many questions to answer, but the first one would be if god created anything where is the proof go exists.

  • The Flying Spaghetti Monster Did

    His noodliness created all of us for the purpose of eating pasta.
    He is by no means a "God", but a higher grain-based being.
    He died for your Italian cuisine, so don't you dare tell me we're not meant to indulge ourselves with it.

    I can't wait to see the stripper factories and beer volcanoes in the sky.

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