• Why do you ask such a question

    Darwin wrote I think we were apes when God wrote "In the begining God made the havens and the earth". God was dircet and he still is fine do what satan wants don't listen. But before Jesus comes I'm gonna believe every word of the bible. So fine you can ask such a silly quesion, but I don't.

  • The Big bang just a theory.

    The Big Bang created the earth, or is believed by many atheist. The Big bang theory though is just a theory and has flaws disproving it's existence. First the Big bang involved heat and dense air bringing together a ball of matter which spun around at a excruciating speed causing it to explode creating the basic starting points of life. One flaw is that heat is energy and energy can't be created nor destroyed. So where did the heat come from with nothing in the atmosphere? Also the air can't be dense because there is nothing in the air to compact it. Also where did the ball of matter come from? A flying alien? Even if this all was true, matter can't be created or destroyed. Therefore no life could be just created by a bang. Another point is with nothing in the air how can anything appear? Unless supernatural. Therefore God does exist and created the earth.

  • It was created in 6 "days"

    I've always been an agnostic Christian, and back in my youth, I asked my pastor what he thought about this, if the world was actually created in six days. His idea has stuck with me since. The sun was not created until day 4 anyways so the concept of a day could not have existed. My pastor continued by saying that humans didn't even form a real society let alone a standard language to detail what a day is. In other words, God did create earth but in a much longer time span, say billions of years. Agree or disagree with me? Reply, let me know why. I would love to hear it.

  • There's no reason to believe he did.

    There's no reason to believe god made anything at all. This question is as arbitrary as, "do unicorns have spots or not?" Give me proof of the beast first, then we can talk about it's nature. Without that proof present, we're arguing over the specifics of a fairytale. If that's what you were going for, then yes, in the context of the fictional book you're referencing, the fictional character yahweh (god) did create the earth in six days.

  • No, God did not create the earth in six days.

    The Genesis metaphor is clearly just that--a metaphor. It was written not as a science text but as a way of conveying spiritual truth in way that humans of the time would be able to understand. There is absolutely nothing wrong (i.E., it does no harm to the Christian faith) with accepting evolution and rejecting the YEC model of origins because of belief in modern science.

  • When the Bible says that, it's not literal.

    Any Christian who actually understands what he or she believes knows that not everything in the bible is meant to be taken literally. The Bible often uses figurative language to simplify the point that God created the earth. Also, for those believers of evolution. If you read the creation story, the first thing God creates are things like fish and it doesn't get to humans till the end. What pattern is that? Simple to complex, and what does that sound like? Evolution. I'm not saying that's the case, but what I am saying that the Bible constantly uses figurative language and not everything in it is meant to be taken literally, and that is the case with the Creation Story

  • God doesn't exist

    If you accept that God does not exist, it is not necessary to discuss how many days it may or may not have taken him or her or it to have created the earth.

    That having been said, celestial models are able to articulate how planets are formed and the timeframes involved. No model would involve a time frame approaching 6 days.

  • My own belief

    Contrary to popular athiests, I believe that God created the Big Bang (which explains where it comes from). However, god is not a being, but a form of pure energy (Matter cannot be created or destroyed, merely recycled, but energy does not follow this rule), and he/it created earth in six milliseconds. Seriously, if he/it has so much power, he would not take six days to create ONE planet.

  • Earth is Only a tiny fragment of Universe

    While Creation God rarely focussed on any planet he just made the entire universe as a whole . Christians theories are always narrow minded.
    They only view earth as being created and neglect the rest of planets just like they only regard Jesus and regard other religions false.
    Christians are hypocrites..

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