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  • No, And you know why?

    Because gay people don’t change, They don’t “tempt” us. They don’t try to make us gay, They just get with each other and mind their own damn business. No one forced people to become gay, So therefore, It is not a test. If god wanted us to be straight, He wouldn’t have made a “test” that wouldn’t have worked anyway.

  • Not A Test

    It's a temptation. Gay people just have their habitual sin as we all have in various ways. There is such thing as gender difference for a reason. God intended women for men. But God was aware of these Gay, Lesbian, and Trans. He even had it written in the Bible that people are into sexual immorality even to the point of being gay. He mentioned Trans but I cannot quite remember. I'll come back to that later, okay?

    But anyways, if there is anyone gay, I just encourage to stop sinning and do your best for God. It's the same for everyone, including myself, so let's all do our best.

  • Nope, not a test

    Gay people are basically as ordinary as all of us. Don't we all get tempted? When people see a huge amount of money, don't we all want to take a chance? When people see a chance in falling in love, don't we all want to take that chance?
    It's just that we all have a sinful nature and for gay people, it was their temptation to like same-sex. If they try their hardest to resist for life and believe in Christ, they should be fine. But remember, no one is perfect except Him. So we all stumble in our path, but make sure to repent and try your best for the Lord.
    If you aren't Christian, I just hope that you seek for the God that created all things.

  • Probably Not, But Why Do You Think This Is A Test

    It is unlikely for a benevolent god as you believe to commit such an action, add in the fact that god is neither male nor female meaning he'll only be looking at two or more humans loving each other. Its not like are doing any harm besides making "straight" people uncomfortable. Personally I think there is something wrong with their head, but in the end it causes little ham to humanity as a whole.

    There is only on Truth, but there are many ways to perceive it

  • If God loves all, why would he set certain people impossible tasks?

    If you believe that God loves all, why didn't he create everybody equally. This relates to your question because sexual orientation isn't a choice, and trying to resist can lead to anguish. It's virtually impossible to change your sexual orientation and why would a God set a human with an impossible task.
    Another point is that animals can be homosexual and so can humans. But as many religious people believe that humans aren't animals and are spiritual, why does God make certain animals homosexual? It's not because he wants to test their faith because animals don't go to heaven or hell. It doesn't make sense.

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