• Google bullied my small Channel!!!

    I came on to youtube an innocent person. I built my castle of views and videos as well as subscribers. I watched as millions of ads landed on my screen when the google forces took my freedom and burned it. Then I went on with my day to come back online to find my views on my videos reduced to nothing by google for no reason. Freakin bullies.

  • It made everything less accessible

    YouTubers have had a harder time interacting with fans, comment chains have become obnoxiously repetitive with the new commenting system, and using Google+ accounts in the first place was a bad idea. While some new features are definitely a major plus, the majority of it has made YouTube less of a community and much more of a popularity contest between comments.

  • This is a yes and no answer

    Well... The ads and being forced to get a Google+ account and being forced to use your real name is annoying, there are still amazing youtubers out there! And I mean there is a lot of good things as well, youtubers still post videos, YouTube didn't even end up like myspace! MySpace just went down because people whined and compained, but YouTube didn't even shut down like how like MySpace did, so YouTube is still good and a bit ruined

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