• Brown probably had bullying issues

    Gordon Brown most likely bullied his staff while he was prime minister. Gordon Brown was renown to have personality conflicts with his staff, and some of those problems have come to light. The pressure of power and the limelight got to him, and it was easy for him to target staff members.

  • Yes, Gordon Brown bullied his staff while he was prime minister.

    Yes, I believe the allegations that Gordon Brown bullied his staff while he was prime minister. One of the allegations has been around for years that Mr. Brown shoved a clerk out of her chair when she didn't type at the speed he wanted. There are too many bullying allegations against Mr. Brown for them not to be true.

  • No, I don't think he was a bully by definition.

    I don't think Gordon Brown was ever guilty of intentionally intimidating anyone, which would have definitely made him a bully.I believe he was a highly emotional person who was in a stressful position and had very high performance expectations from those who surrounded him. I think he probably put himself under just as much pressure to perform as he did others.

  • Got stuff done

    No, he did not necessarily bully his staff, he simply wanted things to go his way, so that he could make sure he got all of his stuff done right. He was a great leader, who new a lot about politics and how to run a country and make it better.

  • No, he was a leader.

    No, Gordon Brown did not bully his staff while he was prime minister, and he was a good leader who accomplished a lot. There will always be some members of a staff who complain that they were treated unfairly. There will always also be those from the opposing party who complain. Gordon did a good job with the time he had.

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