Did government intervention cause "the great recession"?

  • Indeed it did

    I think the government is responsible for everything about the great recession from not allowing people to spend their own money the way they would want and because they raised the taxes to top it all off and then they have the nerve to wonder why everything went upside down.

  • Government Regulation Caused The Great Recession

    The Great Recession was caused not just by banks (we might have had a recession, as natural economies do, but not nearly as large as we did), it was caused in part by the government encouraging banks to lend more at ridiculous rates and providing incentives for them to do so. The FED also began printing more money which also helped to cause the recession. It is true, in a " Free Market" there will be recessions, but government involvement always does more to make it worse.

  • The Housing Bubble

    What really caused the "great recession" was the banks failure to control the amount of lending they were doing to subprime mortgages. Subprime mortgages were mortages to people with less than great credit scores. The banks lent to these people because they wanted to make more money and compete with the banks doing the same exact thing. When all of the subprime mortgages failed, the banks were almost demolished by the weight of their loss.

  • The Federal Reserve caused the housing bubble.

    The Federal Reserve is not owned or operated by the U.S Government. It is a collection of private bank's who used bribery to gain control of the economy in 1913. When the federal reserve reduced interest on the dollar, that soared the amount of investors, who then took the money they had and invested in mortgages. When you buy a mortgage, your debt can actually be sold. The best part is, if someone defaults on their loan, you can actually gain their house and mortage it off to someone else. This worked well for a while until they ran out of responsible people to loan to, so the banks and investors progressively allowed much less responsible people to get loans for housing, which of course defaulted on their loans. Eventually, their were too many houses and not enough people, which of course made the price of houses plummet, and sent losses to thousands of investors, which in turn had no faith in investing any more. In short, the government didn't cause the reccession, the Federal Reserve did.

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