• Yes they definetly sold out

    Back a long time ago Green Days music was offensive, but it got to the point of the matter that they were singing about. It didn't matter if they upset people, they wanted their voices heard. Now their music is based on mainstream style of music and non of it they seem to stand by in any way. It use to be a teenagers way of knowing that others felt the same as they did, but now it goes with toady's flow of music which is definitely a sell out to me.

  • Yes they did

    Green Day has completely changed their music style and who they are since the early 90s. It's highly disappointing. Ever since American Idiot came out, they have completely changed due to the fact that they are now being played on the radio more than ever and are changing their music based on what people like and no longer do what they are known for.

  • Not sell-out, but evolve.

    I feel that all fans that say that from American Idiot on, the sold out. They did not sell out, they evolved. I'm a fan who likes everything they did. Warning is in the top 3 for me. Fans who only like American Idiot-on, aren't fans. They're teenage girls who think Billie Joe is "So hawt". Fans who only like their stuff up to Warning are douches who can't learn to accept change. Have you even listened to and thought about the meaning to American Idiot. It's actually really thought provoking. On one hand, it's a tale of love and loss. On

  • They stayed the same

    Listen to "demolicious". They are still at there punk roots with songs like "let yourself go". No sellouts, just great punk rock that made it big. Just because they moves on and tried new things they arent sell outs. Lmao just look at John Lydob from sex pistols hes doing cheese commercials. How punk.

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  • The world evolves with music

    The world can influence the way we look and what we do but the moment someone's music changes by the tiniest bit we label them a sell out. First of all we have no right to judge someone that we do not know. This is their music. Second of all, we are hypocrites for calling them sell outs. Their views change with the world just like ours do. It has nothing to do with money. It has to do with the present day and the times.

  • Sound changes, ideals don't

    Green day evolved their raw sound of 1039 smoothed slappy hours and kerplunk to their more melodic punk that wasn't offensive but FUN and kicked off the Punk rebirth movement and you cant tell me geek stink breath isnt as punk sounding as the 70s stuff and even in 2002 they performed the ramones songs rockaway beach blitzkrieg bop and teenage lobotomy. American idiot was a culmination of punk ideas wrapped in a story about an anti hero called Jesus of Suburbia if that doesn't speak out to society what does? And after recently seeing them in concert they do everything their way. Now time for rebuttal if green day changed by moving to a major label then tell me what 2000 light years away from kerplunk is? No different than a lot of songs on dookie if not less of a raw sound

  • Change =/= selling out

    People just seem to throw around the term sellout just because they can't accept change. Also do you really think grown men in their 30s (at the time) would continue writing songs about acting like a teenager? They grew up. They wrote what they thought would be better songs with American Idiot. Heck, even Billie Joe himself said so in Bullet in a Bible "This is better."

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