Did Greta Thenburg join the climate change advocacy group too early?

  • Greta Thunberg is not a scientist and has no credibility to lecture the Right on science.

    I'm not saying Man-Made Climate Change is false but Greta Thunberg has no valuable opinion. Valuable opinions do not come from children on issues that are very hotly debated among adults. I wouldn't even say most adults are qualified. This is a very complex issue that takes years of study of the science. Did Greta Thunberg understand this when she was a child or was her opinions simply given to her by her parents or like most children? I rest my case.

  • Get out of here

    Age matters not. Skill and smarts do matter. If your mature enough to join an adult based issue without breaking apart, Fine with me. If you want to do something good for the environment, Fine with me. Lots of eight year olds think picking up garbage is enough to solve the problem but where does the garbage go, INTO THE OCEANS! At least miss sue the burg got the big picture when she was eight and I got the first tastes of climate change at the age of 12 so I was four years behind. Nothing against that.

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