Did Hilary Clinton mishandle information leading to the Benghazi attack?

  • Yes, she did

    It's beyond hard to believe that Hillary Clinton didn't know more than she claims about the attack. It's also perfectly in her character to act as a cover in political matters. She has dodged questions about this until after the election when it doesn't matter anymore. It is incredulous to think she was that uninformed as what is being presented now.

  • Hilary Clinton's Mishandling of Information Regarding the Benghazi Attack

    In my opinion Hilary Clinton mishandled the information leading up to the Benghazi attack. This should not be surprising at all. In the past Hilary Clinton has mishandled many situations in which her unwise decisions could have been avoided. We should all take note of her actions and learn for them.

  • No, Hillary Clinton did not mishandle information leading to the Benghazi attack. The communication problems speak to larger issues that exist not just within the State Department but with other bureaucracies as well.

    Hillary Clinton nor her staff ever received the memo regarding a request for additional security in Benghazi. The request was made to the regional chief, and even then the request was not seen as an immediate need. Ambassador Stevens did not see an immediate threat. Additional security would have required funds not possessed by the State Department and authority to increase private security by the Department of Defense. The review board has made recommendations to streamline communication, and Hillary Clinton is implementing them.

  • No, she did what should have been done

    The Benghazi attacks were very complicated--more complicated than any of us actually know. What Hilary Clinton knew and did not know we as citizens have no idea. That's the way of politics. However, I believe that Hilary Clinton is a very capable Secretary of State, and therefore I trust that she did what needed to be done, to the best of her ability, and with the full knowledge of the administration.

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