• She's Not a GOP

    Instead of focusing on the republican party and the GOP candidates for the presidential election, Hillary should have been focusing more on her own democratic party and what she stands for along with her party. Leave the GOP to crash and burn on their own. No need to keep talking about them as much as she has been.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton focused too much on the GOP during the debate.

    The democratic primary debates are about choosing between democratic candidates. Viewers understand these candidates are pretty much equally going to disagree with the other party. The primary debates should focus on how the individual democratic candidates differ, so the primary voters can make their own informed choices. The debates should not be about who can hate the GOP more.

  • There's too much to talk about.

    Debates are meant to provide viewers with first-hand reflexive views of presidential candidates. By Hillary Clinton focusing so much on the GOP during the debate, she has shown us that she'd rather push others down than raise the United States of America up to the standards that it should be at.

  • That's where she should focus

    Rather than beat up on your own party, why would you not focus on the opposing party? She should spend at least 75% of her time focusing on her differences with the GOP. In the end, the race will be decided by a Democrat versus a Republican. She should do all she can to make the differentiation now.

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