• I believe that had a large part in it

    I don't think that Hillary Clinton truly lost the election based on much more than the fact that she is a woman. There are many people in this country, both men and women, that just don't believe a woman should be in the Oval Office. When you look through everything that Clinton has succeeded in and sort through the lies that have been told about her, you will see that she was perfectly suited to be our next president.

  • Yes, In Large Part

    Patton Oswalt put it best, tweeting on election night: “What I learned so far tonight is that America is WAAAAAAAAY more sexist than it is racist. And it’s pretty fucking racist.”
    Trump supporters can believe what they like, but when the person you are accusing has been investigated without limit, by her bitter enemies, who still cannot pin anything on her then I call that something more than reasonable doubt.
    To continue to push that line of attack is not only an insult to the intelligence of her supporters, but a sign of blind contempt. Anything about that person that is different to what you are or what you believe is a focus for hatred. Gender included.
    Even many female Trump supporters are guilty of sexism against their own gender. Resenting the woman because her success highlights their own (perceived) lack of achievement.

  • Nobody cares if shes a woman.

    I don't believe Hillary lost because of the fact that she is a woman. I do believe instead that she lost because of the electoral collage is not the best system ever. She did win the majority vote of America but still lost because of the system. Another thing to bring up is that if Hillary lost because of sexism and not because of her beliefs of what should be done with America then why didn't another democratic male win the democratic vote then because they're beliefs should be more similar to Hillary's then Trump's were to Hillary. I do still think there are many more reasons that she did not loose because of sexism but i'm going to leave it at that. Those are a couple of reasons why I believe Hillary did not loose because of sexism.

  • More women voters than Male.

    There was more women voters this election than male, just a few percent, but that's enough Clinton could have won the election. She lost the election because of the Clinton Corruption. This started back when Bill was governor of Arkansas and is still going on today. Benghazi, Whitewater, the Clinton foundation are just a few to name. So lets just forget the sexism and we all know its because she's a criminal that should be rotting in a prison cell. What a convenience for the Clinton that everyone who is fixing to provide evidence to put them in jail they end up dead or disappeared.

  • Not as stated, no.

    Sexism has a small place in the grand scheme of things here. One cannot say that it was no factor at all. But no, Hillary did not lose because of sexism, per se.

    She lost because Trump really did "get out the vote." She lost because a lot of her supporters were just too lazy to vote. Among the groups that supported her heavily, turnout was not all that high. Go back to when Obama was first elected President, and that's when they really came out to vote.

    Trump won quite a few states by very close margins, 1% or 2%. Would not have taken many more votes from Hillary supporters to overcome that, and then she would have won the Presidency easily. Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan....

    I didn't think Trump was going to win, either. Yet after the fact, social media is full of people acting like it's the end of the world. People protesting, whining, moaning and crying, jumping around and shaking their fists. Hey - more of you should have voted.

  • Sexism only had a small part

    Clinton lost because the american people saw what a monster she is. She called Trump supporters deplorable and lied throughout her campaign. She was a little sexist because she went on about the wage gap. The wage cap is a feminist myth why because its illegal to pay someone less based on there gender as stated in the equal pay act. Women work different jobs they retire earlier than men, they take off more days then men and they get paternity leave.

  • No, this is not true.

    No, this is not true. Hillary Clinton did not lose the election because of sexism. She won the majority vote but lose the general vote. Hillary must have lost the elections because her supporters did not put in more efforts to make her win the elections. The other thing is the later talk of corruption.

  • Hillary Clinton did not lose the election because of sexism

    Oh brother, here we go. Hillary Clinton did not lose the election because of sexism. She lost it because the voter cut through all the crap that is liberalism and dod not want her version of America. Face it, this was a rejection of liberalism and the failure that it is. Can anyone point to how their lives are better because of her policies?

  • People voted against her corruption.

    People didn't vote against a woman so much as they voted against Hillary Clinton. People want a strong leader that's going to put America first. They don't want a leader that is going to leave people to die in Benghazi, or funnel money to the Clinton foundation. People saw through Clinton's charade and voted for the true American.

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