• A good demonstration of why thinking something is right is NOT the same as that something being right

    Hitler thought it was right. It wasn't. Was Hitler still evil? Yes. He still knew what he was doing v. Not doing. That he thought what he was doing was the right thing to do doesn't change that it was deliberate and malicious. Monsters like Hitler need to be condemned and held accountable for their actions.

  • He did what was right, to him.

    Hitler believed, whether he is right or not, that jews are bad. He wasnt all there in the head, and his support helped boost this belief, but he truly thought he was doing the right thing by having jews taken away. He believed they were responsible for huge negative events, like an economic crisis.
    This can be compared to abortion. Imagine if a majority of the population was against it, we would label people who get abortions as evil.
    A majority of the population disagrees with the Nazis actions so we label them as evil, even thought they did that they thought was right.

  • He believed he was doing right for the perfect German people

    Hitler honestly cared a lot about the citizens of Germany. He truly believed it was the Jews fault that Germany had fell and was down on her knees and wanted to make them pay for their crimes. He believed everything be preached and he followed it through until he took his own life. He just wanted the place where he was excepted to he seen as perfect, strong and amazing. He thought he was doing what was right

  • Yes, he did

    Sad, but true. Hitler did what he thought was right. Whether we today deem it as correct is irrelevant to the question as it is asking with respect to the time frame when this happened. Can't believe I am defending Hitler in public, usually you leave these things for inside conversations. I hope people see the joke in that.

  • Yes, this is why

    Why would he have worked so hard for something that he didn't believe in. Hell, he even killed himself for his cause. Also, to experiment on all those people for what reason? Of course he did what he thought was right. No one would have that much drive and motivation for no reason.

  • Hitler knew what he was doing

    Hitler new exactly what he was doing and I believe there is no human on this earth that thinks that mass murder is ok. Hitler knew that although what he was doing wasn't morally correct it was neccasarie to gain political power. He did exactly that. He manipulated people into believing a VERY radical cause and it worked.

  • Hitler was a politician.

    Hitler constantly changed his viewpoint to gain support just like other dictators such as Stalin. Many of his quotes contradict each other or his actions. He would tell people he was a catholic then he would do things that negatively affected Catholics. All he really cared about has getting support and because of this it is impossible to determine what he really believed.

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