Did Hong Kong newspaper editor Kevin Lau deserve to be attacked?

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  • Kevin Lau did not deserve to be attacked

    It is my opinion that Hong Kong newspaper editor Kevin Lau did not deserve to be attacked. I feel that it is morally wrong to attack someone whose job it is to provide the people with news. All forms of news are negative for some group in some way, and this reflects more on the actions of those involved in the story than those that simply report it.

  • No, I don't think Kevin Lau deserved to be attacked.

    I don't think anyone deserves to be stabbed in a act of seemingly random violence, I think it's the risk you take when your name and image is public knowledge you never know who is unstable enough to go out and physically attack you for whatever motivation that they have.

  • No, he does not.

    No person deserves to be attacked, even if he has said anything bad over a newspaper. No matter what the crime, it should be handled in a court instead of acting on primitive instincts. People need to learn it is not right to attack someone for something they have wrote in a newspaper or said over the news.

  • Does anyone deserve to get shanked in the street?

    Press freedom in the post-Snowden era is more important than ever. Attacks on journalists and the press represent attempts to keep the public ignorant and uninformed, they chill debate and hide truths. This is completely unacceptable. Journalists must be free to pursue stories wherever they may lead, and of course don't deserve to be stabbed in the street.

  • No, Kevin Lau didn't deserve to be stabbed.

    I do not think that Hong Kong newspaper editor Kevin Lau deserved to be attacked. I think that nobody deserves to be attacked in such a way just because some people may have a disagreement with him or a problem. I think him getting stabbed was horrible and shouldn't be something people condone.

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