Did 'hope and change' come to those who voted for Obama?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Yes, but not in the way we all had hoped.

    The economy has steadily improved. We have gotten out of costly wars. Gays and lesbians are on the path to equal rights. When Obama proclaimed his hope and change campaign, I'm sure people were expecting an immediate turn around, back to America's glory days. The process has been slow, but steady. If you talk to some groups, I'm sure they feel hope and have seen change. But others want more.

  • Hope and Change did not come to those who voted for Obama, they take time.

    Obama did in fact improve the economy, but the economy was in a giant downturn and going to collapse for quite a while, he did the best he could in the circumstances, and It will take a long time to see the effects from his presidency. So hope and change did not come for those who voted for Obama, but maybe future generations.

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