• We have evolved from apes

    We have evolved from apes that's true.Many evidence are found.The theory of evolution is true.God didn't made universe or human.I is scientifically proven that god does not exit.There are many religion which one is true no one can tell.Every one will say there religion is true but science has proved all religions are false.Accept that we have evolved from apes.

  • How did humans evolve?

    From my research, human may have evolved from ape like creatures. The earliest trait is bipedalism, which is the ability to walk on two legs. This might have took us four million years to evolve. One thing for sure is that humans are primates. Genetic coding has shown the modern human species (homo sapiens) are closely related to a group of primates called apes.Humans and apes of Africa have the same ancestor that lived between 8 to 6 million years ago. Scientist have documented some 15 to 20 species of early humans.

    Paleoanthropology is the study of human evolution. When they find evidence that supports human evolution, some of them get troubled because it doesn’t fit in their religion.

    When scientists study fossils they can they can tell how a person lived. When they scientists were studying earlier human bones, they can see how humans evolved.

    There is DNA evidence that we evolved from primates. Remember in class we learned that humans are 98% related to apes. There is only about a two percent difference.

    In four earlier species of humans, the male canine teeth is smaller than other apes, a characteristic of humans. This how scientists know these skulls of early humans.

    Scientists know we evolved because there are there is a little change in the shape of earlier humans.

    A characteristic of humans is walking. Scientists found footprints of earlier humans. The footprints are like the one we have and scientists say it was walking upright.

  • How Did Life Begin? and Ape to Human Evolution

    The idea of ape to human evolution found its original spark in the 18th century. The voyages of discovery had revealed the existence of chimpanzees, orangutans, and gibbons (the gorilla remained unknown to European science until the 1840s, and the bonobo, until the 1920s).

    Anatomical comparisons soon suggested these animals were somehow connected with human beings. As the Comte de Buffon put it, an ape "is only an animal, but a very singular animal, which a man cannot view without returning to himself" (Histoire naturelle, vol. 14, p. 4, 1766).

    Darwin published nothing on the topic until 1871, when his own book The Descent of Man appeared, twelve years after publication of the Origin. The Descent of Man is often supposed, erroneously, to have appeared at a time when the evolution of apes and humans from a common ancestor had not as yet been discussed. In fact, however, it was merely Darwin's attempt to weigh in on a topic that had long been broached.

    In the years since Darwin and Huxley, a wide variety of fossil forms ("hominids") have of course come to light, providing just the sort of series that one might expect to see if ape to human evolution had actually occurred.

  • No. We are apes.

    All life on earth can be traced back to one ancestor. If you go back far enough, your great-grandfather was a fish. Life did different stuff, lived in different places and evolved to live there. There would be a split in the tree branch, one species went one way to grew up to become humans. The other went the other way and grew up to become chimpanzees, gorillas as such.

  • We were Created from apes

    God did not make us if that's the case where is our super powers ? We are mammals there for we are apes how they were created I don't know but we'll find out but a human ? (God) did not create man and women everyone violated the bible in some way but the bible has been changed so many times ! We don't know what is true ... We are created by apes it's in everyone's blood traced all the way back to an ape and we'll find out where apes came from.

  • Humans evolved from apes. Science proves it.

    Humans did evolve from apes over millions of years. For those that disagree, how do you explain that over 98% of our DNA we share with gorillas? Also, even though apes still exist, it doesn't mean that we didn't evolve from apes. That just means some types of apes are still evolving into different creatures.

  • God needed a virgin

    So god the guy who created everything? Planets, galaxies, the universe... Needed a virgin for a son? Then people in the bible thought heaven was in the clouds so tried to build a staircase there only for god to come down and tear it down... Yet we know today heaven is obviously not in the clouds but they didnt know that 2000 years ago did they because jesus was swallowed up into heavens by these very same clouds.... Signs point to an intelligent creator but it certainly has nothing to do with the man made bible.

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  • If God supposably is real, where would he have come from?

    God, would be human, if he created all, how would he have been created? Evolution. He would've come from evolution as well. And how would he have had children? A. He is a male and males can't be pregnant. When does Mary come into this? Hello. Evolution. Everything here, is lead back to evolution. It has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that evolution is what created all, if god is real in the first place at all, he would either have parents before him, or he was the first man on earth. Created by evolution.

  • Yes we are apes.

    We have evolved from apes.There are many scientific evidence.When we were apes we have a tail which now are body not produce but whena baby is in his mothers stomach he have that tail but after nine weeks that tail is removed by body.This is scientifically proven.There is no god all religions are false science have proved this.

  • No, we came from God

    The bible says we were made from God's image. So unless he was an ape, then no, we didn't evolve from apes. This is a very theoretical question. A scientist believes we come from apes, but Christians believe we come from Adam and Eve, the first children of God. Since God came before apes, and we were made in his image, then it leads me to believe the bible story. God made man, then made woman from man's rib.

  • The question is misleading- we had a common ancestor with the other Great Apes.

    Human evolution is a scientific fact. However, we did not evolve FROM apes- we share a common ancestor with them. Of course, technically we ARE apes. Homo sapiens are one of the five species of Great Apes, along with bonobos, chimpanzees, orangutans, and gorillas.
    Evolution denial at this point is akin to belief in a flat Earth.

  • There is a Common Ancestor

    If you look at the fossil record, you'll see we didn't evolve from modern day apes, we share a common evolutionary ancestor, an animal we both evolved from. That is why apes still exist.

    Saying that we evolved from apes is just creationist ignorance taking its on the human mind.

  • No, humans evolved from a common ancestor, the Great Ape.

    Fossil records indicate that humans evolved from an organism known as the Great Ape (or Hominidae), a large, tailless primate that lived roughly 14 million years ago. Apes are merely our cousins (although the term 'Ape' may describe organisms found in the superfamily Hominoidea)- they too evolved from this Great Ape ancestor- although they diverged from the Great Ape ancestor at a different time period than humans. The term 'Hominidae' can also describe the a taxonomic family consisting of four genera: chimpanzees and bonobos, gorillas, humans, and orangutans.

  • To believe in the theory of evolution without a deity is absurd.

    You expect me to believe all the creatures on this planet came from single celled creatures? Where did these single celled creatures come from? How did they survive the extremely hot temperatures while the earth was created? How in the heck did a single celled organism have all the genetic information for all the species on the earth? Let alone the masterpiece that is the human. How does a single celled organism "decide" that it needs to "mutate".....Seriously, how is that decision made. Because some sort of genetic code at some point needed to make a decision to mutate, how did it have the information to do so?

  • Apes have not evolved

    If so many branches of the hominid family tree have lived flourished and died leaving today's HUMAN BEINGS, how is it that the very same species from which we are supposed to have evolved still exist today without having evolved? Why are there something like 9 separate Humanoid fossil species not directly related to us? Why is there a "Missing Link" between Neanderthal and Cro Magnon?

  • It is not proven

    While it does seem highly logical that we could have evolved from Apes there is not enough evidence to fully support this theory. I believe that if we did evolve from apes then there would be no need for them today. Apes would show more quality of human intelligence if so.

  • Apes aren't evolving!

    If humans evolved from apes, why are apes not evolving now? Humans are dominating the planet and killing off almost everything else so this seems like a good time for apes to evolve into a human-like being with a large brain. But their not, becuse humans and apes have nothing to do with each other other than similar tools evolved.

  • Use Good Arguments

    The theory that we evolved from a common ancestor via the Australopithecines is quite weak. Neanderthals and Homo erectus are recognized as much more intelligent than they once were, and the gap between Homo and Australopithecus is yawning wider and wider. The assumption of a common ancestor and that Australopithecines were ancestors is mere guesswork. However, it should be noted that Darwinists do not argue that humans evolved from modern ape species; the argument is that they both evolved from a common ancestor. So there is no reason to think that modern apes should be evolving into humans or should be close to extinction. There are valid arguments against the Darwinian view, but creationists should not use weak arguments such as these.

  • Human evolved form primative humans

    No, I will not take ownership of coming from an ape. Early humans may have acted similar to apes and the body composition may be very similar, but that does not mean that humans evolved from apes. Pig body parts are very similar to humans, but there are no theories that we evolved from pigs.

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Anonymous says2013-04-13T17:52:01.350
I think we evolved from a type of ape(God's special apes) rather then the apes we see today in the amazon.
Somebody posted this: "No, we came from God. The bible says we were made from God's image"
Here's a question. If humans again evolved drastically will we use God's words to confuse where we came from once more?
The proof is in the different bone structures uncovered around the world and especially in Africa.