• I dun goofed up

    I recently sent this letter to a girl I have been crushing on. I need to know how you would've reacted to this letter if it had been sent to you by someone you don't find attractive.

    I think you are, if not one of the most, beautiful creatures I have ever set my eyes on. Your physical beauty is subtle and dynamic. When you smile and your cheeks are pushed up and they form cute semicircles and your eyes let through only a bit of their color, it seems like Da Vinci had decided that he would give life to one of his finest sculptures. You tilt your head sometimes, slightly if at all, when you smile. It's what I would imagine a mischievous Imp would look like, someone who couldn't have a greater time being who they are. Seeing you laugh, smile, makes me happy to be alive, glad that I could be alive when you are. Your mental beauty is astonishing. Your tenacity and determination, I am always jealous of it, that you can propel yourself so far. I will always be jealous of those who can succeed wherever they choose to. Your curiosity is blatantly obvious. Your humor is so weird as to be my own, though it seems like you actually studied the types of humor while I am simply impulsive, hence the lack of filter and "weirdness".
    When I think of how good it feels to see you happy and laughing, accomplishing what you set out to do, I also think of how sad you can be. When you tell me your father or mom's boyfriend hits you I have to convince myself that fighting would solve nothing. It makes me so angry when a man can be so pathetic as to hurt someone else. I can't be angry though, because they didn't kill you, if anything they made, in a perverse way, who you are becoming.
    I don't know who you will be in the future, only that your grasp does not depend on your reach, only on the fact that you use a rope and pull whatever it is you want closer and closer until you can grasp it. And I will always be amazed at you for this. You really are a wonderful person, and I hate that I would never be able to hold your hand, or brag to someone that my girl is smarter than yours. And I won't be able to do any of that with you, and I understand why, at least I'm supposing I do. You won't notice me unless I speak up or change because I'm in essence about as attractive a person as a wall.
    That’s why I need to stop talking to you, stop being around you. I can't stand having to see how beautiful a person you are while having no reasonable justification to be able to tell you that.

  • Maybe maybe not

    It would first really depend on how she's like but even if she finds you completely unattractive like the annoying cousin you have in your family that your mom makes you spend time with every family reunion, you still showed some major balls. Now I didn't read that whole letter but I can tell you I never said anything like that to a girl I liked. She may say no or laugh at you or tell her friends about the letter but you showed some huge courage giving her that letter and it may not mean much but you just earned some huge respect in my book. And maybe you got some from the people around you maybe even from her

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