Did industrialization make life better for the average American?

  • Yes, industrialization made life better for the average American

    Yes, industrialization made life better for Americans. Industrialization lead to the modern America we have today. It ushered in an age of faster transportation, manufacturing and farming that allowed populations to expand and quality of life to improve. Thanks to industrialization we can better feed people and we are enabled to improve our society with technology.

  • Industrialization Created A Boom

    Industrialization created an economic boom in the United States that helped the middle class grow and proliferate. This, for the average American, meant more money and money buying power. It gave many people the opportunity to purchase vehicles and homes and go on vacation, all while saving money back for retirement.

  • No, industrialization destroyed the traditional way of life for many forced the average person into alienated factory work

    There is no doubt that industrialization created an abundance of material wealth, but this wealth was spread disproportionately. The dawn of the industrial revolution corresponded with peaks in child labor and abhorrent living conditions and tenement apartments in major cities. Labor organization eventually improved conditions, but many skilled trades which enabled a life of mastery, dignity and purpose were lost forever.

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