• It took the U.S. too long to find Bin Laden

    It is my opinion that the United States government took too long to find Osama bin Laden. This man was responsible for a terrorist attack on United States soil, and should have been found as soon as his role in the attack was made public knowledge. By evading capture for years, Bin Laden made the government look incapable.

  • Yes it did

    Perhaps it did take the US too long to find Bin Laden because ten years is a long time to let someone that dangerous on the loose. He more than likely was still trying to hurt the US during that time the US was looking for him also so hopefully the US will try harder from now on.

  • Yes, it made things draw out too long.

    I think it took us too long to find bin Laden. If we had found him right away, we would have looked more capable than we did. It would have put a stop to the long, drawn out, cat and mouse game where he released videos to taunt and tease as if he was toying with us.

  • Pakistan was hiding him.

    No, it did not take too long for the U.S. to find bin Laden, because Pakistan was harboring him. Pakistan told us that they did not know where bin Laden was. The President of Pakistan even told John Stewart on the Daily Show that he did not know where bin Laden was.

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