The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao promised to be the fight of the century.

    But one of the events before the fight grabbed a lot of attention on social media late Saturday.

    Oscar winner/singer Jamie Foxx performed the national anthem before the crowd -- and the reaction at home was decidedly mixed, to say the least.

    Twitter trashed Foxx's performance, in which he had to remove his earpiece early on in the proceedings, implying some issues with staying on key with the organ accompaniment.

    "The real fight was between Jamie Foxx and the national anthem," said "Prince."

    "Jamie Foxx's national anthem had more twists and turns than the fight," tweeted "Funny Tweets."

    "Did he sing hallelujah at the end???" asked Robert Glasper. (Yes, yes he did.)

    Even Paul Stanley of rock band Kiss weighed in: "What was THAT?!?

  • Jamie Foxx made a mistake

    Jamie Foxx made a mistake. Being under pressure, not having the best vocal range, and also easily forgetting words can cause any person to mess up the National Anthem. A lot of public arenas and events will ask certain stars to sing the anthem, but it requires a very good range, which a lot of people don't think of.

  • Trying to show off

    Jamie Foxx tries to present a larger than life persona but this time it got the best of him. The National Anthem is a song that people hold in high regard and are not often pleased when an artist take liberty with it. Jamie Foxx made an ill-advised attempted to interject his personality in to the song.

  • Jamie Foxx Falsely Accused.

    Jamie Foxx did not mess up the Nation Anthem on purpose. Why would he even think of doing that? He is a man who has proven that he can sing and why would he want the bad publicity? He said that there were issues with his mic not working well. I think that because others in the past have intentionally done this, the public is too quick to condemn.

  • Bad performance, but not on purpose.

    I think he was definitely out-sung by the choir they had before him, but I don't think Jamie Foxx purposefully messed up the National Anthem. He just didn't sing it very well. He wasn't on the right key, his timing was completely off, and he added way too many vibrato's, I think! All of this leads to a performance that is just simply not that well executed. It was no where near a 'fairly good performance' for someone who is considered a singer.

  • It's iffy if he "messed up" at all.

    It was a fairly good performance and honestly the brouhaha regarding his usage of a religious exclamation is rather childish. You want to see someone mess up the anthem? Look up Roseanne. Jamie did fine. Also quite frankly his Howard Dean moment was exactly what was needed to puncture the pompous nature of the event.

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