• America isn't the best country in the world

    If America let in every child from poorer countries against the wishes of their families then it would be a scandal.
    Cuba isn't the worst country to live in and America lacks civil rights and is racist. It wasn't the end of the world being deported back to Cuba.
    Janet rano also followed the law.
    Too many Americans think that everyone wants to live there where.

  • I think so

    The whole situation with Elian Gonzalez is really dificult because it had a lot of competing factors. It seemed that he did not have a lot of good upbringing in Cuba and there was a lot of concern for him on the part of the US, but he did have a family. I think Janet Reno did okay.

  • Elian Gonzalez's father wanted him back in Cuba. The courts agreed and he was sent back.

    I know everyone rememberes the picture of Elian in the closet with an armed Federal Agent trying to take him. His father had the legal say as to where Elian were to live. Janet Reno was upholding the law and the fathers wishes. What can not be helped is the feelings of some in the United States who believe that everyone should be allowed to come over here regardless of the circumstances. And from what I have read Elian is happy in Cuba.

  • In the public's benefit

    Janet Reno and the entirety of the US government acted for the US government in the Elian case, rather than the interest of the child, which is not necessarily a bad thing. While Cuba is bad enough to make a mother risk her and her son's life to come to the US, foreign policy is more important.

  • No, Janet Reno did not act in the best interests of Elian Gonzalez.

    Attorney General Janet Reno decision to return Elian Gonzalez to his father in Cuba was not in the best interests of the child. However as Attorney General Reno was required to follow the letter of law in dealing with the situation. Both US and international law was clear the Eilan's father had legal custody, and the child should have returned to his guardianship.

  • She Acted to Prevent an International Incident

    Janet Reno did nothing to act in the interest of Elian Gonzalez. She acted to try to prevent an international incident between the United States and Cuba. The little boy should have stayed in America as his father had no jurisdiction since Cuba and America don't have formal ties with each other.

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