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  • He ran him over on purpose.

    Yes, Jeffrey Simon Hubbard intentionally killed Usher's stepson, because Hubbard ran him over with a jet ski on purpose. Hubbard claims that it was unintentional, but all criminals say their actions are unintentional, because they do not want to have consequences for their crimes. His actions were so serious he was charged with homicide by vehicle.

  • No Jeffrey Simon Hubbard did not intentionally kill Usher’s stepson.

    While Jeffrey Simon Hubbard did not intentionally kill Kile Glover, Usher’s stepson, the 2012 water ski accident that killed Glover was the result of Hubbard's reckless and unlawful operation of the jet ski he was driving when he hit Usher's stepson. The jury in a Georgia convicted Hubbard of homicide by vessel and four other charges related to the accident.

  • No, the death of Usher's stepson was a tragic accident.

    No, I don't believe Jeffrey Simon Hubbard meant to kill Usher's stepson with his jet ski. While he may have been operating the vehicle recklessly, there is no evidence that what he did was a malicious, purposeful act. Instead, it looks like a day on the water gone horribly wrong.

  • Ushers stepson was not intentinally killed by Jeffrey Simon Hubbard.

    In the homicide case regarding Jeffrey Simon Hubbard who was charged with vessel homicide i do not think the killing was done intentionally. Jeffrey Simon Hubbard may have made some bad choices and broken rules but i do not think he went out on the boat with the intent to hurt or kill anyone . The case of Ushers stepson is an unthinkable tragedy that this man will now pay for for the rest of his life.

  • An unfortunate accident.

    Jeffrey Simon Hubbard did not intentionally kill Usher’s stepson. Unfortunately accidents happen, even when responsible adults are watching children. We can never be too careful because incidents like this can happen. I am sure the man is highly regretful, although that regret unfortunately can never bring back Usher's step son.

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