Did Jessica Lange deserve to win the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie over Cicely Tyson?

  • She has depth.

    Yes, I believe that Jessica Lange deserved the Outstanding Lead Actress award because I appreciate that her role has depth to it. She is not just another pretty face. American Horror Story is better than most of the things you find on television today. I also appreciated how humble she was when she won. She deserves it.

  • No AHS Without Jessica Lange

    Jessica Lange absolutely deserved to win the Emmy for American Horror Story. When an actress, even one playing different characters from season to season, is the whole reason for the existence of the show, the choice is obvious. While Cicely Tyson was brilliant as always, there is no American Horror Story without Jessica Lange.

  • Cicely Tyson a winner in class.

    It is my belief this award was not given out based on the best performance. Both women are truly inspiring and talented. The winner reflected our culture. Do we prefer a movie based on witches, secrets, magic, and sex? What place in our culture is there for a movie about change, struggle, and dealing with the realities of life? Witches and magic are always going to be something which captures the attention of people. That is the reason we have many popular TV shows which deals with magic and secrets as a main plot. Still I believe there is something to be gained from a movie which deals with human experiences. I can relate to a tale of personal grief, change which I did not desire, yet had to continue on regardless. To see such a movie on the screen is an inspiration. I vote for a classy production which shows American actors in its best light. In my mind the award this year should have been Cicely Tyson's.

  • Cicely Tyson needs an Emmy

    This years Emmy had a few surprises. Jessica Lange won an emmy for outstanding lead actress in Miniseries over the very talented Cicely Tyson. Cicely Tyson deserved that award because is the better actress and has always left an imprint in all of our hearts from the big screen. Jessica Lange is a new actress that needs more skills and could probably learn a thing or two from Cicely Tyson.

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