Did Jesus ever have Sex, Was he a Virgin his whole life?

  • Jesus was a virgin His whole life.

    No where in the Bible does it say that Jesus was ever married or had sex with anyone. So many people seem to be confused on who Jesus is. Gnostic ideas lead people to ridiculous misinformation about the nature of Jesus.
    I agree with the person who wrote the above post. Well stated.

  • Yes he was never intimate with anyone

    The apocrypha and the Gnostic texts were all written decades and centuries after the time of Jesus. They were written by people who were not there and who made up their own stories.
    Those were the first fanfic ever made. Jesus was never in a relationship with women and he was not a homosexual either.
    He even told people about adultery and he never married.
    He told the women caught in the act of adultery that she was forgiven but she had to stop sinning.
    His disciples concluded that it was best for people to be alone and Jesus said that it was preferred but not everyone had the ability to be alone.

  • Jesus was not a virgin

    Jesus was not a virgin. He did have sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene a visionary leader and leader of the early movement. In apocryphal texts Mary Magdalene is portrayed as Jesus's favourite disciple. In the Gospel Of Phillip it is said :"And the companion of the saviour [was] Mary Magdalene. [Christ] loved Mary more than all the disciples, And used to kiss her often on the mouth. " In a post resurrection period Jesus engaged himself in a sexual inter course with Mary on the top of a hill.
    Thus Jesus was not a virgin his whole life.

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