• He had to

    I get that Jesus was the son of god, which was also god in human form. The fact that he is human means that he was born with the sin of Adam and Eve biting the apple. Also there are about 20 to 25 years of his life that are unaccounted for, he had to, there does not seem to be an option.

  • If He Was Real, Then Yes

    It's not clear if Jesus actually existed or not, but if he did, then he most likely sinned at some point during his life. He is described as a man, and all men sin. Men can be weak at times, they can be tempted into sin. If Jesus ever had sex or masturbated, then he sinned.

  • Of course he was just a man...he DIED!

    While walking, Jesus was hungry and saw a fig tree. It had no fruit, so he essentially blasted the tree. Now, at that time of year, there would have been no fruit on it, and I have heard this passage used in teaching. But, poor tree!

    And, there is the money-lender incident. The Temple used a special sort of money, so the regular Roman money had to be exchanged. Then, people could buy the offerings to be sacrificed to atone for sins. This was done at the entrance to the Temple. Jesus took exception to this, and basically destroyed the place. Now, from a religious sense, Jesus was entirely correct, but from a human sense, these guys were doing honest work, so what was the problem? Of course, we know the problem, but I'll bet the people at the time were not terribly pleased with him!

    He also hung out with undesirable people. The Jews has a stratified society, with rules on who you could associate with, and eat with, and so on. Jesus flouted these rules completely, and openly. In fact, he was such a rebel, he was executed for his actions.

    So, perceptions, perhaps. We say he was without sin, and that is the image we have. However, during his day, we was so "bad" he was captured, tortured, and killed for his actions.

  • I think Yes

    He became a man, or perhaps He was always a man. We can relate with Jesus' temptations, as He was just like any man, even performing the sin of wrath at the temple. This can only imply that if he were God, God is not omni benevolent. But if not, it follows through.

  • Pride at its purest and most malicious

    Large crowds were traveling with Jesus, and turning to them he said: “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple" (Luke 14:25-26).
    Look, fact is I didn't know the guy. I never met him so I can't say for sure whether or not he sinned. However, if we are to believe the usual argument that the bible is a truthful documentation of Jesus' life and moral values, the quote I've provided and many many others reflect blatantly skewed morality and contempt for one's fellow man. A person who facilitates this, let alone practices it, is truly sinful.

  • He probably sinned

    While Jesus was a great man he is just that. Well in a sense. He is a God and a man All men sin. After reading through I was most convinced by the argument that killing the fig tree was both a sin of pride (which really isn’t that bad) and the sin of theft In killing the fig tree he stole food from its owners mouths. I would also like to bring forward the idea of another possible sin. Jesus doubted god at the garden of gensemily (please excuse the spelling) While praying to god it is easy to see doubt in Jesus. This might be considered a sin, but it is also evidence that Jesus was a man who feared. And often times fear can be a dangerous thing that can lead to sin. It also means Jesus was not absolutely perfect. And if this is Jesus before he grew in wisdom after his childhood it is very hard to say that that Jesus did not sin in his youth. I could not tell you the amount of simple and sometimes stupid sins I have committed almost unknowingly. I have been absolved but I sinned none the less.

  • He was Human!!

    Yes, he was only half human. But NO. It says in the bible, he is God made human. And the reason for that, is so God could experience our temptations. Jesus committed the sin of wrath. And there are some good points in the "No" section. But I've talked to two different priests. THEY BOTH SAY THAT HE WAS ALWAYS MEANT TOO.

  • He probably did

    Everyone who stepped foot on to planet Earth has surely committed a sin even if they did it without knowing it. He may be a god but that does not necessarily mean the he never done anything bad at least when he was a child.
    So yes I think that he did commit a sin, surely.

  • When he withered the fig tree, he stole food from the mouths of others

    When Jesus withered the Fig tree he was showing (off) his own power. If this was not the sin of pride, then he also committed the sin of theft. The tree did not belong to him. He killed a food source that belonged to someone else. In so many ways, this act was a sinful one.

  • No he never sinned

    Why because he is the son of god and if he sinned his father would be upset even though he is typically his father.And if he sinned probably the whole world would have sines if jesus christ had sinned but that is why he died on the cross for us.So he can take away the anguish and pain that we would have went through.

  • Personal research and a pinch of common sense

    There are many who would say that somehow Jesus had to have sinned at some point. Other than ignorant Christian people or non-believers simply trying to discredit scripture, this is false. Jesus Christ was not just the son of God, but God himself in man form. Some people would usually argue with me and say something like this: "But the Bible says that he was described as a man." Yes, but it says that he was DESCRIBED as a man, that doesn't mean he was literally and completely a man. First, God would not have sent his son to do his will if it wasn't going to work. Second, Jesus was born through the Virgin Mary, which means he was not born into sin like you and I. That also means he knew no sin. Since Jesus was God in man form, it would not only be logical but also common sense that God in any form is incapable of sinning.

  • The Bible says no.

    The bible is labelled by Historians as one of the most accurate books in the world. The dead sea scrolls prove that the words of the bible haven't changed much at all over the 1,000's of years it's been around. The Bible was so accurate that they could wrote up the blueprints for ancient buildings with it, and even locate ancient Civilizations (Hittites)! If it says Jesus never sinned, he never sinned.

  • Tempted, yet without sin (Hebrews 4:15)

    Our information about the life of Jesus comes from the Scriptures. If the witness of Scripture is that Jesus sinned, then those who believe so would have an argument. But the testimony of the Scriptures is that Jesus did not sin. What he did was take on the sins of the world.
    What must also be understood is that the purpose of His coming was to live a sinless life. If He does not live without sin, His coming to earth is a failure. Those who trust the Bible record, then, acknowledge that Jesus was without sin.
    There is no argument to make by speculation of what Jesus may or may not have done apart from Scripture. One cannot use the Bible to establish Jesus coming to earth and then use the same Bible to deny what the Bible says about Him.

  • Jesus only took the blame for sin!

    Jesus was born without sin because He was conceived by the Holy Spirit therefore no sin was passed down to Him. Throughout His whole life He only followed the rulers of God and always stayed away from sin. He was tempted by Satan and resisted all the offers Satan gave Him. " The wage of sin is death" that's why every human being dies! Yes, Jesus did die however it was only because He took the blame for our sins and offered His own life in return for our lives. The point of His death was to save humankind on Earth until His return. He sits at the right hand of God His Father until the last day of the world when He will come back to judge every person on Earth. Jesus knew no sin and could have lived forever but sacrificed His life for us, He was the only person to ever exist on Earth that could have saved us. For God only accepted His Son's sacrifice because He was clean of sin. People, please study the Bible and assure that you understand it before giving a opinion that others of no knowledge would believe! Don't just hear it from me.Ask those who actually know about this subject or read the Bible yourselves to confirm the things I have said. Thank you.

  • Hebrews 4:15 King James Version

    This will explain everything to the unintelligent people who don't know how to read the bible. Jesus never sinned and this proves it. "For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin." Hebrews 4:15 KJV

  • I hear your opinions but I can respectfully tell you that none of them have facts.

    I saw one comment that said being angry in the bible is a sin. Is this actually true and if so may I have the verse you get this from. There is a big difference between sinful anger and righteous anger. Is anger always bad. Is it wrong if I watch the news and I get angry when 7 Americans are beheaded. Certainly Not! In conclusion Jesus truly was sinless and the Holy Son of God. Thank you and God bless.

  • Jesus never sinned!

    To be clear and plain, Jesus never sinned!! Just because Jesus left his parents did not mean he "disobeyed" them! Because in the verse Jesus says ("And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?" Luke 2:48-49). Now, if his parents said "Son, do not live our side." and he left them to go teach then yes, but that was not the case. Furthermore, Jesus was not stupid, I mean for real guys Jesus had the word of God with him since birth(John 1:1). Second, he outsmarted anyone trying to challenge him(Matthew 22:45-46). Third, half of the bible is new law because JESUS DIED TO DO AWAY WITH THE OLD TESTAMENT. Finally, If Jesus was to die sinfully then he would have not ascended into heaven sitting on the right hand of God.

  • A man without sin

    The more I think about it, the more I believe Jesus did not sin. The examples listed in other comments are sin judged by a human perspective or societys rules at the time, if Jesus was the son of God, he would not have sinned, his actions would not be classed as sin as he would be carrying out God's work who wouldn't sin..

  • Never in his entire existance!

    Jesus was God but in a human form... So God never sinned... Somewhere in Matthew it say Jesus has lived a sinful life, so beilive it. Guys, we can't make assumptions (guesses) DID IT EVER SAY THAT ANGER WAS A SIN? NO! In the bible sooooo many people get angry (even God =o) but it is something called "righteous indignation". Anger is pretty much temptation if you look at it. Anger can LEAD us to sin, not sin in general. He is human... But not really. So to sum it all up! Jesus has never sinned, ANGER IS TEMPTATION FROM SATAN, and jesus has been tempted. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  • Jesus is also God, God knows no sin

    If Jesus sinned, there would be no God. The Holy Spirit tells me that God exists. The Bible comes across as often confusing, because of men's interfering with it and corrupting it, as we do this with nearly everything in our lives. God knows that we need Him and so He send His Son to teach and to show us The Way.

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