• Lots of opinions, only one fact.

    Yes. Yes he spoke of Armageddon. I cannot even understand how this is up for debate.

    In Matthew Chapter 24:6-8 he speaks of wars and natural disasters climaxing into "the end." This is clearly apocalyptic.

    In Matthew 24:21,22 we read Jesus' own words :
    "21 For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now--and never to be equaled again. 22 If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened."

    Note that:

    Jesus own descriptions of Armageddon in Matthew are used in most, if not all Christian apocalyptic doctrine.

    Even atheism.Wikia.Com refers to Jesus' description of Armageddon in Matthew Chapter 24.

    I will never understand all the soft, strange, new age thinking on the internet.

  • Armageddon is a human construct.

    While I am no theologian, I believe Christ did not speak directly of an Armageddon. The Armageddon has been constructed from a mishmash of the Book of Revelation and Hollywood cinema.

    Christ did mention his own return, but it was not the hellfire-and-brimstone apocalypse that we see painted at the end of the New Testament. Given that some theologians equate Jesus to the Word (with Jesus Christ being "the Word made flesh") then I suppose an interpretation that Jesus spoke of Armageddon is possible, but while he was on the planet we have no record of him discussing the end times.

  • He Never Spoke About An Armageddon

    There are many things that Jesus said while he was on Earth. An Armageddon or the possibility of one was not one of them. I have read the Bible several times and done research projects on Jesus, so I know for a fact that he never talked about any type of Armageddon happening.

  • No, Jesus did not talk about an Armageddon.

    Jesus did not speak of an Armageddon. As a Jew , he would not even believe in an "Armageddon" scenario. He would have spoken of the Jewish belief in the messiah and everlasting peace on earth. The entire concept of Armageddon as we now know it (the end of the world) did not arise in Christianity until after the fall of Rome.

  • I wish there was a "who knows" option

    We do not and likely will never know what about Jesus is fact and what is fiction. Most of us can agree that there was a Jesus that is in some way the one being referred to by the Bible, but beyond that it's all hunches, hopes and speculation. I'm voting no on this one because I don't think we can with confidence put words in his mouth regarding any topic.

  • I honestly have no idea...

    A lot of what people reference in the Bible regarding the end times is Revelations. Revelations was not written by Jesus nor were the passages in the book excerpts of his teachings. Jesus talked about his second coming and when he would return to earth for his followers, but He never specifically mentioned what the ends times would look like... I think...

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