• He also had children,

    Mary Magdalene was Jesus's wife, and I believe that she is the Holy Grail as well. Why wouldn't Jesus have a wife and children? Marriage isn't a sin, and having children after marriage isn't a sin either, so there is no reason why he wasn't married, he probably had a secret wedding so crowds of people wouldn't praise Mary Magdalene, which she knew was the wrong thing for crowds to praise.

  • Yes, There is written and visual evidence proving such.

    For the sake of argument I will set aside Christianity and the story of Jesus Christ as a whole. I must do this because there is no true historical record of Jesus existing, let alone having a wife. There are multiple instances where there is mention of Jesus having a wife, with the most recent discovery of such being October 13th, 2012! This was when researchers and scientists revealed the discovery of ancient papyrus in which Jesus is referring to "my wife". This only further builds the case, however, as there is writing to support both arguments. The undeniable truth comes in the painting entitled The Last Supper. Leonardo Da Vinci very distinctively paints a woman at the right arm of Jesus. Taking this VISUAL evidence along with the story in the Bible, it is very easy to conclude that Jesus was happily married, and that Christianity took away women's rights and values that were praised during his time. It's unfortunate that folks tell a different story on Sundays.

  • Yes: It shows that he was real

    This does not attack the religion of Christianity nor diminish the gospel of tolerance and nonviolence that Jesus preached. Biological evidence can be used to see if Jesus bloodline still exists if the shroud of turin is sequenced to extract DNA. It will show that a common person could actually have done the great things that Jesus did.

  • Yes, Jesus did have a wife.

    In the bible it didnt talk about Jesus's whole life only one third of his life was really talked about. Jesus may not even be real, but if there is one thing that we know its that even though Jesus is God's son he is still a man.

  • Yes, or he wasn't the Messiah, which one?

    The prophecies of the Messiah say he is supposed to have a wife, it's that simple, he had a wife, or he wasn't the Messiah, take your pick.

    T h e p r o p h e c i e s o f t t h e M e s s i a h s a y t h a t h e i s
    s u p p o s e d t o h a v e a w i f e

  • Jesus is God, why would he wed?

    Take a look at Matthew 19:12. Jesus talks about eunuchs (scholars agree He's speaking in metaphor, referring to men who have taken a vow of virginity). "For the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven," He says, some choose to remain virgins. If God incarnate had married, what would have been the point? Marriage a meant to bring a man and a woman "together towards God" (Called to Love). But Jesus is God.

  • Jesus Did Not Have a Wife

    Jesus was a divine figure, he consisted of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Although he was a man, he was sin proof. Having a wife would have been lustful and sinful and Jesus was above that. Jesus may have had female companions but he certainly did not have a wife.

  • No

    This is an attack on Christianity and no one will die from it. No buildings will burn. No hit will be put out on the author.

    Why? Because God can take care of Himself. Christians have the strong God who answers insult with forgiveness. Unlike what you see in the Muslim world, this will just be another in a long string of insults to Christ that is answered with forgiveness not bullets, bombs or beheadings.

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