Did JFK have the greatest inaugural address in American history?

  • Yes, I do think it was.

    Although I hardly have read or heard others from the past, I think JFK's inaugural address was unique in the way it lifted people's courage in some dangerous times in our country's history, and called on our dedication and stamina to see us through. He was also so well spoken and charismatic that you could not help but be inspired by his words. I remember that they made a long-playing album of the speech, and at one time I knew it word for word, that can hardly be said for anyone since then. I was a young teenager at the time, and I do hope some younger folks than I remember a speech or two that inspired them in the way that Kennedy's speech did for me at that time.

  • JFK's Inaugural Address Was Memorable

    I don't feel that JFK's inaugural address was necessary the greatest address in American history however, it possibly was one of the most memorable in history. People still are able to quote parts of his speech today whereas that is not always the case with many of the other inaugural addresses of the past.

  • William Henry Harrison!

    JFK's address was great. So was Obama's. But they both pale in comparison to William Henry Harrison's address. (We shall now call William Henry Harrison "WHH") not only was it more than 2 hours long, it was in the middle of a storm! WHH got pneumonia and died after three months in office! Yay!

  • No- Obama's 1st term did

    I think that President Barack Obama's first inaugural address was the best in American history. It was the best not only for what was said but the representation that America is finally moving towards a less racially divided society in which the American people can and will call a black man Mr. President.

  • More memorable but not the greatest

    No, I do not think that JFK had the greatest inaugural address in American history.

    I think that every president's inaugural address has been a representation of the nation at that point in time which means that every president has made an impact with their first official speech as our nation's leader.

    Because of the tragic way in which JFK died and the constant change that took place during the 1960s, more people tend to remember JFK's words than other presidents, but this does not mean that he had the greatest inaugural address.

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