Did John Major's Back to Basics campaign backfire?

  • It was against the political tide.

    Yes, John Major's Back to Basics campaign backfired, because it just wasn't what the people wanted to hear at the time. Major made the same mistakes that the Republicans are making today. They are saying what they think, rather than presenting it in a way that the people want to hear. Major's campaign backfired in that way.

  • Back to Basics Misfired

    John Major's Back to Basics campaign didn't succeed on any front, and it could be considered a huge backfire. The fact of the matter is that Major's campaign was mishandled from the start and didn't have the public's best interests in mind. It should surprise nobody that this campagin failed.

  • John Major Voted Out

    Obviously John Major's "Back to Basics" campaign backfired because he is no longer in office. The initiative also failed because Britain needed to rely on austerity measures to rein in government spending. Britain's core values have failed in that terror attacks have become more commonplace and the royal family continues to be a bane to wealth management in the United Kingdom with recent reports of the insolubility of the royals' finances and overspending.

  • It did not

    John Major's Back to Basics campaign did not backfire. While his Back to Basics campaign was a huge failure and did not receive many votes, does not mean that it backfired on him. In order for it to be considered a backfire, it would of had to have negative consequences.

  • No, people just didn't like his message.

    No, John Major's Back to Basics campaign did not backfire, it just did not resonate with voters. Major had good ideas when he proposed that we should return to conservative values and morals. It is true that it was a bit hypocritical, in that so many conservative leaders were involved in scandals, but he had the right idea.

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