• Yes, I believe he did.

    It was clear that he didn't believe that they made the right decision in the case and he was again the Hobby Lobby being labeled a person. I think the way he went about this was extremely insulting to Republicans and to the members of the Supreme Court. In his position he should have behaved in a more controlled manner

  • No, Judge Kopf pulled the "STFU" card in a passionate critique of a Supreme Court decision, not as a slam against a political party.

    On his personal blog, Judge Kopf posted a strong rebuke of the Supreme Court's decision in the Hobby Lobby case. He derided the finding that a huge corporation was entitled to file a "religious" objection to the Affordable Care Act. Kopf criticized the idea that an entity consisting of thousands of employees could hold a religious belief upon which to claim an exception. His protest was based on legal and economic analysis as well as his take on common sense. Judge Kopf, himself, was appointed by President George H.W. Bush, a Republican. If he were bashing Republican-appointed judges or the Republican party, in general, he would have to direct that cudgel at himself.

  • No, Judge Kopf's comment was not towards the Republicans

    Judge Kopf's "STFU" comment was not towards any certain political affiliation as it was directed to the Supreme Court. Additonally, the comment was sourced from Kopf's blog. Here in the article he goes into additional details about how he feels the Supreme Court is making decisions that effect our democracy & encourages them to simply avoid certain issues.

  • No, he did not.

    Judge Kopf bashed the ruling made by the Supreme court, a ruling that stems from Republican misogyny and backwards thinking. These beliefs are closely held by the right and espoused in their platforms. He would have said the same thing if Democrats were the backwards party. But the point is - Democrats don't hold those beliefs. It's time Republicans took a good hard look in the mirror.

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