• He needs to be put in his rightful place!

    He acts like he can get away with anything, from spitting on his fans to committing crimes that normal people would be jailed for. Just because someone has money doesn't mean they necessarily have to abuse that power but unfortunately Justin does this. I don't want violence to be brought in but he cannot get away with things that are disrespectful and an abuse of power.

  • People Have To Learn Somehow

    Justin Bieber has spent quite a bit of time lately skirting the law and getting away with criminal activity that any other non-celebrity would have immediately been imprisoned for. I am not an advocate for violence, but Justin Bieber is a public figure who many children look up to and admire, and perhaps getting hit by another celebrity was the spanking he should have had when he was 6. He needs to shape up for the sake of all the children that admonish him, and hopefully this will do so.

  • Maybe, Maybe Not

    No one really deserves to be punched and as grown people we shouldn't make it a habit to go around putting our hands on other people. That being said, I completely understand how someone can make you really, really want to hit them. In the face. Really hard. So, I don't know if Justin deserved it or not.

  • No hes human too

    Nobody deservs to get hurt in this world, sure youmay not agree with them , but that is no reaason to go round hurting people. Think about how someone feels after you hurt them. It makes me almost want to cry. Why would you want to hurt somebody if you know how bad it will make you feel. NOBODY deserves to get punched, hit, slapped, kicked,beat up, or hurt in any way, and that is final

  • No, he didn't.

    I think that he made a comment about his ex wife Miranda Kerr and I can understand why that would make Orlando mad, but I still think it's a bad idea to use violence to solve problems. The kid is young and not very smart, he could have just walked away.

  • No, Justin Bieber don't deserve to be punched by orlando boom.

    Orlando boom and Justin Bieber reportedely got into fight on early Wednesday morning (July 30) in Ibiza, Spain.Justin allegedly got very close to Orlando‘s ex Miranda Kerr during the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Meanwhile, Orlando was spotted hanging out with Justin's ex-girlfriend Selena back in April .
    So I think It's the fight on their personal matter and we can't judge on what happened between them.

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